The hottest Shanghai port is about to be restructu

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Shanghai port is about to be restructured into a group, and the reform framework of Shanghai port management system was recently introduced. According to this framework, the Shanghai Port Authority will be restructured into Shanghai international port (Group) Co., Ltd. and stripped of its administrative functions. With a registered capital of 5billion yuan, the group first implements the authorized operation of state-owned assets, and will realize the diversification of investment subjects within one year. Therefore, we must be cautious when using it.

the growth of Indian composite material market after restructuring is expected to reach double digits by 2021. The group company aims to build a world-class multinational terminal operation company, which is fast and slow. It will actively participate in the investment and construction of domestic and foreign ports, and gradually form a multinational operation pattern with terminals and container operations as the main body through port resource integration, function transformation of old ports and port market development

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