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Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau announced that the localization of PEEK, PPS and other materials should be realized as soon as possible on the spot check results of laminated glass products for construction in 2013. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision recently announced the spot check results of laminated glass products for construction in 2013. 40 batches of products were inspected, and 8 batches were unqualified

according to the introduction, laminated glass for construction is a product listed in the national compulsory ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) certified product (CCC) catalogue. As of the end of September 2013, there were 42 valid licensed production enterprises in Shanghai, 40 of which actually sampled products this time, and another 2 enterprises did not extract products due to shutdown

this supervision and random inspection is based on GB 15763 According to the requirements of national standards and relevant standards such as safety glass for building Part 3: laminated glass, the following items of the product are tested: heat resistance; Humidity resistance; Radiation resistance; Falling ball impact stripping performance; Impact performance of shotgun bag (the above five items are safety inspection items of compulsory product certification); Thickness deviation

this spot check found that eight batches of products did not meet the standard. The nominal production enterprises involved Shanghai Minyuan special glass Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yaoda safety glass technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chuansha glass products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shuaihong Glass Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shanfeng tempered glass Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xingsha Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yurun glass products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mingjin tempered glass Co., Ltd., etc, The unqualified items mainly include thickness deviation, heat resistance, moisture resistance, etc

2013 quality supervision and spot check of laminated glass for construction products with items in line with relevant standards

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