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Shanghai Petrochemical plastic special materials broke the foreign monopoly

the random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) pipe and coating polypropylene special materials developed by Shanghai Petrochemical (600688) plastic business department have achieved industrialized and stable production, breaking the monopoly of foreign raw materials

after years of technical research, the scientific researchers of the division have successfully developed the random copolymerization polypropylene process technology on the 100000 ton/year ring pipe device, developed the PP-R special material formula system that meets the requirements of pipe processing and long-term stability, and realized the industrialized and stable production of powder. At present, this special material has been widely used in cold and hot water supply and heating pipeline systems of buildings, and has produced good economic and social benefits. The special coating grade polypropylene material developed by the business unit according to the market demand has been developed and trial produced for one year. In order to minimize the impact of friction and industrial trial production and application in 2PP and 3PP large plants, it has been proved that the process is reasonable, the production process is stable, the product performance is stable, and the processing performance is good, It can well meet the needs of downstream users before we are sure that our barrier can continue to be used in the greater Pacific Garbage belt area

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