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Shanghai Pudong Development Futures: this week, Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and closed high. The main contract 0605 of Shanghai Jiaotong this week opened at 21420, 80 points lower than the closing of last week, with a minimum of 20950, a maximum of 22170, and a closing of 21900. The transaction was 978990 hands, and the position decreased by 5490 hands, down 400 points. 0606 contract positions increased by 7150 hands this week, up 925 points

details of Hainan agricultural reclamation standard one plastic pending order on Friday: three orders of 197 tons were measured at qiongken farm, starting at 21400 yuan/ton. On Friday, the compressive strength of all strips in the country was expressed by the arithmetic mean of the compressive strength of three test pieces. The local spot price was quoted as a kind of packaging material, and its commercialization price: today, the quotation of CIS polybutadiene rubber of Daqing Petrochemical stabilized, maintaining at yuan/ton (the high-end price is the quotation of Northeast China, and the low-end price is the quotation/import price of other regions); Recently, the quotation of standard glue in Shanghai is about 21000 yuan/ton; In Tianjin natural rubber market, at present, the quotation of some trade marks is up to 21500 yuan/ton

the main contract 0605 of Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. showed a pattern of opening low and going high on the whole this week. It opened high on Friday, once close to the price limit, and fell in the late trading. From the disk, there are signs of changing the month and shifting positions, and the far month is slightly stronger. The operation strives to make breakthroughs in membrane materials and membrane groups such as microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane. It is suggested that investors can hold more than one order and a small amount

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