The hottest Shanghai Pudong new economy takes off,

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Shanghai Pudong "new economy" takes off, accompanied by Xinhua Sanxin it

in 2016, Disneyland settled in Pudong New Area opened, detonating China's new consumption pole. When we set our sights on Pudong New Area, we can see that as the first national new area, after carrying the banner of China's reform and opening up, Shanghai Pudong takes the lead again on China's new economic take-off with the help of Xinhua Sanxin it

standing in 2016, we will be deeply shocked by such a set of data when looking back at the development of Pudong New Area

Pudong's economic aggregate increased from 6billion yuan to 789.8 billion yuan, an increase of 131 times; The total fiscal revenue increased from 1billion yuan to 309 billion yuan, an increase of 309 times. The high economic growth has also attracted many international attention. The famous Disneyland is located in Pudong New Area

standing in 2016, we look forward to the development of Pudong New Area, which is also deeply shocked

with the construction of Shanghai's four international economic, financial, shipping and trade centers, Pudong New Area, as the banner of China's reform and opening up, has become more and more important, including financial and Trade City (Lujiazui financial and Trade Zone), international tourism city (Disneyland), aviation city (Pudong International Airport), high tech city (Zhangjiang High Tech) Relying on Hong Kong and Macao, the free trade city serving the mainland and facing the world (free trade Experimental Zone and science and innovation center with international influence), the five new economic cities not only highlight the vital position of Pudong New Area in Shanghai and even the world in the service process within the scope of elastic deformation, but also accelerate the pace of innovation driven, transformation and development. Pudong New Area is the symbol of China's reform and opening up and the epitome of Shanghai's modernization construction. It is also a brand-new city card that Shanghai shows to the world under the national new economic engine

it is newly used to enhance the economic road of material processing of glass fiber, and new it accompanies it.

in the process of new IT technologies such as cloud computing and big data giving birth to industrial transformation, the government of Pudong New Area of Shanghai and Xinhua three group jointly launched a new government cloud data center project. This project is a major practice of new IT technology in the national new economic construction, which is of great significance to the government cloud landing of the whole government industry. The host resonance performance design is directly related to whether the system can work normally

at present, the Pudong New Area Government cloud data center has been successfully delivered, and a unified e-government resource cloud platform for the whole region has been built. The resources of all departments and units can be flexibly obtained and deployed on demand, which avoids the repeated construction of the IT environment, comprehensively improves the efficiency of it resource acquisition of all departments, greatly simplifies the complexity of operation and maintenance management, and provides an effective means for the intensive construction mode of government affairs, It comprehensively supports the business needs of government affairs, and realizes the continuous implementation of government affairs cloud storage, government affairs cloud scheduling, government affairs cloud application and the cultivation of data industry

technical interpretation of Pudong New Area Government cloud project

the project adopts the cloud management platform cloudos customized for the government industry based on openstack, the fully integrated domestic virtualization product CAS, the ultra integrated product UIS, the operation and maintenance platform BSM that can comprehensively monitor from basic resources to business processes, and the on-site operation and maintenance services. With the help of Xinhua's three major security and big Internet technologies, It comprehensively ensures the flexible access and security protection of the committees and offices of the Pudong district government in the process of cloud resource application, delivery and use, thereby improving the work efficiency of the government

Xinhua III has been serving the government industry for 13 years. Focusing on the four major technical directions of cloud computing, big data, big Internet and big security, it has provided overall solutions for government affairs cloud, and actively participated in the planning and construction of national, provincial, prefecture and county government affairs cloud. At present, it has successfully delivered 11 national ministries and commissions cloud, 15 provincial-level government affairs cloud and more than 100 Prefecture, city and district government affairs cloud, In the third-party research report "Research Report on the market status and development trend of government cloud infrastructure platform in", the market share of Xinhua three government cloud was as high as 37.2%, ranking first. Xinhua III will always be customer-oriented, and continue to introduce more innovative products and solutions. Factor 2: ball screws continue to use new IT technology to provide new impetus for China's new economic take-off

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