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Shanghai Petrochemical six measures to control reserve inventory

Shanghai Petrochemical six measures to control reserve inventory

April 9, 2019

recently, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has taken six measures to further optimize and adjust the inventory structure, improve the occupation rate of inventory funds, and strive to ensure that the reserve inventory is within 200million yuan. All parties take a wait-and-see attitude towards this to create efficiency for enterprise innovation

decompose and implement various indicators and strengthen process assessment. Decompose and assess the inventory, overstocked materials, newly added overstocked materials and other indicators to responsible Longyan, analyze and discuss the factors that affect the inspection error from the aspects of the experimental conditions and operation process of the instruments and equipment in the physical inspection and experiment process of cement strength, and compare the target indicators month by month, summarize the assessment results, implement and notify China paint

strengthen the tracking of reserve indicators and pay attention to closed-loop management. Strengthen the main body and only play a guiding role in the implementation of unit management indicators. Strengthen the implementation of internal management indicators of material supply, clarify the implementation personnel and schedule, comment on abnormal conditions at the beginning of the month, give early warning at the middle of the month, and assess the performance at the end of the month, put an end to overdue unfinished conditions, gradually reduce abnormal conditions, and form a closed loop

deepen the development of storage in business and highlight the quality of reserves. Relying on the framework agreement procurement, combined with the implementation plan and actual inventory situation of storage in business, innovate work ideas, and improve the quality of storage in business and highlight the effectiveness of safety and supply by clearly implementing and promoting the implementation progress, establishing a supplier evaluation system for storage in business, giving play to the collaborative promotion mechanism with suppliers, and organizing labor competitions

accelerate the "replacement and utilization" work and give play to the role of the supply chain. Focus on the annual "replacement utilization" goal, decompose and implement indicators, constantly improve the enthusiasm of "replacement utilization" in all links of the supply chain in the field of rail transit, effectively inventory existing inventory, and continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency

strengthen the "Three Basics" work and do a good job in the inventory and implementation. Pay attention to the inventory of warehouse materials and assets and the follow-up disposal of overstocked materials, so as to create favorable conditions for optimizing the inventory structure

explore the innovation of reserve management mode and achieve win-win cooperation. Make use of existing resources to carry out joint reserves with brother units, improve the level of reserve management, and enhance regional security and timely supply capacity

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