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Shanghai pork wears an electronic label

in the future, Shanghai citizens will have an "electronic ID card" for pork, drugs, liquefied gas, etc. in their lives to ensure their quality and safety. The Municipal Science and Technology Commission announced yesterday that the city's electronic label technology has entered the stage of application and development and actual promotion, and will take the lead in the fields of dangerous goods, food safety and drug logistics management closely related to daily life. The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Agricultural Information Co., Ltd. said that 60% of the pork supply in Shanghai came from other provinces and cities, and all entered Shanghai from eight designated crossings. They have installed reader systems at these crossings, and 10 foreign pig breeding farms have begun to wear "Earrings" with electronic labels for breeding pigs. Large pig breeding farms in the city will also gradually promote them this year and next. In the future, citizens can trace the origin of commodities, such as which farm a piece of pork in the supermarket was "born", who the inspector is, where to slaughter, and at which crossing to enter Shanghai... And will continue to maintain its core intestinal position in 2021. Through electronic labels, the "identity history" is clear, and citizens are more relieved to eat meat

electronic tags are getting closer and closer to citizens' lives. During the National Day celebration, you may buy products that have passed the electronic label inspection. According to the person in charge of the dangerous goods management project, especially its cable entry device, the city has successively issued electronic labels to fireworks manufacturers in provinces and cities, one for each box. Relying on the interconnection support of the background, managers can monitor dangerous goods at any time, such as which crossing a truck carrying liquefied gas cylinders has passed, whether the gas cylinders on the truck are qualified products, etc

with technology, the key is industrialization. It is reported that at present, the cost price of electronic labels in the international market is 14 cents/piece, decreasing at a rate of 25% - 30% every year. In order to speed up the promotion and application of electronic labels in Shanghai and further reduce costs, yesterday, a Shanghai electronic labels and IOT learning and Research Alliance composed of 12 enterprises, colleges and institutes was established. Vice Mayor Yan Junqi attended the founding meeting

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electronic label blonde hair has achieved a major breakthrough in the sales of transportation, commercial vehicles and UAV industry; In the field of passenger cars that need long-term material certification, the tag is also called "smart tag", which is composed of electronic chips, readers and micro antennas. Electronic chips can store relevant information about goods, such as production place, circulation links, etc. If the chip is within 3-7 meters around the reader, it will be sensed, send the information it carries to the reader, and finally display it on the computer. Compared with traditional bar code, the capacity of electronic label chip is much larger; If a large number of goods arrive together, the information on each item will be read out at the same time as long as it is within a certain distance, so as to save inspection time

information source: Xinhua

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