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Shanghai puts forward 21 measures to build a new highland of national artificial intelligence

Abstract: Shanghai regards accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence as the priority layout direction of serving the national innovation driven development strategy and building a science and innovation center with global influence

the new generation of artificial intelligence is the current leading strategic technology and the core driving force of a new round of industrial change. Shanghai firmly grasps its own advantages in the development of artificial intelligence and strives to build a national artificial intelligence development highland. On November 14, the Shanghai municipal government held a press conference and officially released the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in the city". Chen Mingbo, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic information technology, introduced the overall considerations and main contents of the newly issued "implementation opinions"

according to Chen Mingbo, the implementation opinions aims to implement the deployment requirements of the 19th CPC National Congress and accelerate the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Shanghai has rich big data resources, wide application of intelligence, complete industrial categories, industry, University, research and application, and talent accumulation, which are the basic advantages of developing artificial intelligence in Shanghai. Shanghai regards accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence as the priority direction of serving the national innovation driven development strategy and building a science and innovation center with global influence. There are three main considerations:

first, consolidate and improve the energy level of the real economy. Artificial intelligence is not only a new driving force for growth, but also reflects basic productivity. In terms of the quality and efficiency of economic development, artificial intelligence is an important part of the new industrial system. Shanghai will accelerate the formation of a world-class emerging industrial cluster focusing on artificial intelligence chips and sensors, robots and intelligent hardware, intelligent unmanned systems and software. By 2020, the scale of key artificial intelligence industries will exceed 100 billion, becoming a new growth point. Shanghai will also vigorously promote artificial intelligence to promote the cost reduction and increase of the real economy. It will take several years to apply it in intelligent manufacturing, modern finance, business services, modern logistics, modern agriculture and other fields, so as to improve the labor productivity of all employees and realize the improvement of economic energy level advantage

second, accelerate innovation driven development. Artificial intelligence is both scientific and technological innovation and reflects social creativity. At present, AI is in an important window period of technological transformation and innovative application. Shanghai will aim at this world technological frontier and focus on some frontier leading, key common and disruptive technologies to carry out basic and applied research. At the same time, new AI technologies, new hardware and new algorithms will set off an upsurge of application in various fields and sub industries. Shanghai will comply with market trends and development needs, and focus on supporting all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship activities characterized by AI, so as to stimulate the creativity of the whole society. By 2020, we will basically build a highland of AI talents and cultivate 10 influential AI innovation benchmarking enterprises

third, to build a modern international metropolis, artificial intelligence is not only an important supply force to meet the needs of a better life, but also reflects the competitiveness of the city. Shanghai will strive to build six artificial intelligence innovation and application demonstration areas, form 60 in-depth application scenarios, and build more than 100 application demonstration projects; Promote the deepening application of artificial intelligence in the fields of intelligent government, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent health and elderly care, and form a demonstration effect in some fields. It is proposed to build a new generation of artificial intelligence development system driven by application, led by science and technology, coordinated by industry and integrated by ecology. With enterprises as the main body, talents as the guide and systems as the support, we should vigorously cultivate an open, inclusive and diversified innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, so as to optimize the urban comprehensive environment and enhance soft power

the main contents of the implementation opinions, including five parts and 21 measures. Highlight the "three deep integration"

promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy to form a new economic increment

first, promote the upgrading of industrial intelligence and improve quality and efficiency. In high-end equipment, integrated circuits, biomedicine, automotive and other fields, support enterprises to apply human-computer cooperation, data analysis, intelligence, such as NSF certification and perception required by water treatment equipment to implement intelligent upgrading and transformation; Build a number of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection innovation centers, guide enterprises to apply AI technology in design, production, management, service and other links, and build a new and efficient enterprise organization and operation mode

second, promote the industry to move towards the high end of the value chain and improve the energy level. Promote the integration and innovation of AI technologies such as intelligent perception, intelligent decision-making and cognitive computing in the industries of Finance and trade, transportation and logistics, education and medical care, health and elderly care, improve the added value of products and services, and improve the quality of the supply system. Shanghai smart car has taken the lead in the development of the country, and the Roewe rx5, the world's first mass-produced connected car, has been welcomed by the market; Some third tier hospitals have used intelligent medical technologies such as intelligent assisted diagnosis and treatment and surgical robots to effectively improve their service level

third, cultivate AI emerging industrial clusters with international competitiveness. Optimize the industrial layout of "one belt, one district, multi-point linkage". Create the "Xuhui Binjiang Caohejing Minhang Zizhu" Ai innovation belt, and build Huajing Beiyang and other AI featured towns. Create an "Zhangjiang Lingang" Ai innovation bearing area, an AI research highland and a core base for the industrialization of intelligent chips/sensors, intelligent equipment/components. Support each district to build a number of intelligent driving, intelligent robots, intelligent software/hardware demonstration industrial parks based on the basic advantages of big data, cloud computing, car couplets, robots and so on

promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and innovation and entrepreneurship to form a new driving force for development

first, strengthen basic scientific research innovation. Accelerate the construction of major innovation platforms such as brain intelligence like scientific research bases, and carry out key scientific and technological breakthroughs such as brain intelligence theory, quantum computing, biometrics, and new human-computer interaction; We will promote in-depth cooperation between industry, University, research and application, support AI research projects, and consolidate the support of original innovation and basic application innovation

second, build a highland of innovative talents. With a more open vision, attract and gather first-class talents at home and abroad, and provide intellectual support for the development of artificial intelligence. Implement the peak construction action of known conditions for artificial intelligence talent input samples, formulate personalized policies for leading talents, high-end scientific research talents and entrepreneurial teams, provide a livable and professional living environment and policy guarantee, and attract domestic and foreign talents and teams to Shanghai for development. Establish an AI strategy expert advisory committee to provide advice for the city's AI medium and long-term planning and major strategic decisions

third, stimulate the vitality of market innovation. Give full play to the leading role of AI in innovation and entrepreneurship, and help AI enterprises become bigger and stronger. At present, Shanghai is establishing an artificial intelligence development alliance, which has gathered nearly 300 key enterprises, investment and financing institutions and scientific research institutes in various fields. In the next step, the global AI leading enterprises will be promoted to establish regional headquarters and innovation centers in Shanghai; Support innovative enterprises to accelerate their development and cultivate a number of "invisible champions" in the field of artificial intelligence segmentation; At the same time, relying on all kinds of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" bases and maker spaces, we will expand public supplies such as supercomputing, intelligent cloud services, test data sets, and security application certification, and form a batch of artificial intelligence "four new" enterprise cluster demonstration areas, which are necessary testing instruments for metal material manufacturers and quality inspection departments

create an intelligent ecosystem with deep integration of multiple subjects and form a new supply of factors

first, speed up the sharing and opening of data resources. Relying on the construction of the national big data comprehensive pilot zone, we will promote the opening of data in key areas by classification, and provide rich data resources and application scenarios for the development of artificial intelligence. Shanghai has compiled more than 17000 government data resource sharing directories with 260000 data items, and will start the construction of the city's government information exchange and sharing platform by the end of the year. At the same time, we will speed up the preparation of the list of key areas of public data opening, promote public service institutions such as meteorology, electricity, gas and communications to gradually open data resources, support enterprises and the public to fully tap the commercial value of massive data, and promote the innovation of artificial intelligence application business model

second, create a good market and policy environment. Promote government departments at all levels to take the lead in using AI to improve business efficiency and management service level, and support AI innovative products to develop market applications. We will strengthen the focus of financial support and guide enterprises and social capital investment. At present, Shanghai is carrying out the organizational selection of the first batch of AI industry funds and AI innovation projects. Among them, key projects with advanced technology, strong leadership and wide driving range will be selected for continuous support

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