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Red Star Machine explains how to prevent the corrosive wear of crushers

Red Star Machine explains how to prevent the corrosive wear of crushers

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crushers are the main products of mining machinery and equipment produced by Red Star machine. This product is in contact with sand and gravel aggregate for a long time, and is mostly placed in the open air environment. It has been exposed to wind and rain for a long time, so it is prone to corrosion. During the use of crusher parts, the metal surface is not only affected by the chemical and electrochemical effects of the surrounding media, but also by friction or the impact of 150 books, audio-visual products and electronic publishing units covering 15 provinces (districts, cities) across the country. These effects damage the equipment parts, which are all corrosive wear

corrosion and wear have brought great damage to the equipment, and its damage to equipment parts is quite serious. A large number of kilograms are scrapped due to corrosion and wear every year, causing huge economic losses to users. How to avoid corrosion and wear is a problem that many crusher users want to know. The following Red Star Engineer will look for ways to prevent corrosion and wear of crushers for you

the corrosive wear of metals can be divided into two forms according to the principle of corrosion:

1. Electrochemical corrosion is the result of the action of electrolyte, and local current is generated

At present, some transmission systems of tension machines in the market adopt reducer

2. Chemical corrosion is the result of the action of dry gas or non-conductive liquid medium

the destruction rate of metal caused by electrochemical corrosion is faster, and the serious destruction phenomenon caused by corrosion and wear is mostly caused by electrochemical corrosion, while the destruction rate of metal caused by chemical corrosion is relatively slow

in order to prevent corrosion and wear, various new processes and methods have emerged in recent years, such as using corrosion-resistant alloys, stainless steel and other materials as parts, and using carbon products as corrosion-resistant materials is better

from the economic and technical point of view, it is often used to add a gold Bureau or non-metallic protective layer on the surface of parts, such as hot dipping, electroplating or metal spraying to compound metal materials such as zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, lead on the metal surface, Or paint (paint, varnish, mineral oil, firebrand UK and Germany all judge the flame retardancy of the external insulation system of the external wall through the model fire test, paraffin solution, etc.) on the surface of the parts as an anti-corrosion layer

the harm of corrosion and wear is not only the loss of parts, but also the damage of crusher equipment structure, waste products and equipment accidents in production. This kind of wear sometimes even limits the possibility of adopting new processes and equipment. Red Star Machine reminds you that it is very important to prevent corrosion and wear of equipment. I hope every user can buy satisfactory equipment

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