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Research on the replacement of corrugated board by the inner box packaging of redried sheet tobacco honeycomb paperboard (Part 2)

2.2 stacking test (1) test purpose: to conduct a stacking test on the sample boxes packed with mixed sheet tobacco in the lower part of Yunnan Province, so as to check the deformation and damage degree of the sample boxes

(2) test method: seven layers of corrugated poly amino acids have also become a hot field of research at home and abroad in the past 210 years. Cartons with 10mm thick honeycomb cartons are used for stacking tests in accordance with GB 4857.3-92 "static load stacking test method for transport packages" and YCIT 137.1 "corrugated carton redrying sheet cigarette packaging standard: a fully loaded truck drives to local markets" to detect the deformation and damage of cigarette boxes

(3) test results: stack the four cigarette boxes together (the stacking weight is 579kg) for 24h, 48h and 72h, and then detect the deformation of the lowest cigarette box. See Table 3 for the results. It can be seen from table 3 that the samples piled for 24h, 48h and 72h are qualified products without deformation, collapse and damage

note: ① test conditions: temperature 23 ℃, relative humidity 71%; Test location: Xuchang Tianchang International Tobacco Co., Ltd; Test date: September 8-11, 12000

3 economic benefit analysis

(1) equipment investment: it takes about 3.5 million yuan to build a honeycomb paperboard production line

(2) production scale and output value: the speed of the production line is 12m/min, the door width is 1600mm, and the selling price of 10mm thick honeycomb paperboard is 6.75 (yuan/m2). Based on the annual working day of 300D and 8h, the annual production scale is 276000m2; The annual output value is 18.63 million yuan

(3) raw material price

honeycomb core paper: 180g/m2 domestic high-strength corrugated paper, about 2700 yuan per ton

paperboard surface paper: 30%/m2 domestic carton paper, about 4800 yuan per ton

gutai agent (dry powder): about 4500 yuan per ton (4-4.5T glue can be matched)

(4) energy

steam: LT/h, 35 yuan per hour

Power: installed capacity 70kw (including maintenance and other power), 70 yuan per hour

(5) labor quota and salary

labor quota: 20 people (including all managers and production workers)

salary standard: 900 yuan per person on average, monthly

(6) production cost of honeycomb paperboard

10mm honeycomb paperboard production cost per square meter is shown in Table 4

selling price per square meter: 5 + (5 × 35%):5+1 75:6.75 (yuan)

production cost: 5 x 2760000=13.8 million (yuan)

annual sales income: 6.75 × 2760000=1863 (the volume and price of 10000 yuan futures market increased compared with yesterday; some large mines at the raw material end issued price increase plans)

annual tax base: (6.75-5) × 17% × 2760000:8211 (ten thousand yuan)

annual profit: 1863-1380 - r2.11=4o0.89 (ten thousand yuan)

4 Conclusion

(1) after the inner and outer boxes of 200kg redried sheet cigarette cartons are packed (10mm honeycomb paperboard for the inner box and 7-layer corrugated paperboard for the outer box), the compressive strength of the empty box is 2925kg, which is greater than the standard specified value of 1896kg. After packing, the stack test was carried out, and the smoke box was tested to be free of deformation after 24h, 48h and 72h, which showed that it was feasible to make 200kg redried tobacco inner box packaging with honeycomb paperboard

(2) replacing the inner box made of 7-layer corrugated paper with the inner box of redried sheet tobacco packaging made of honeycomb paperboard, each set of paper consumption can be reduced by 4.31kg, and the cost of each set of carton can be reduced by about 15 yuan; Take the redrying plant with an annual output of 150000 as an example, the annual packaging cost can be saved by 750000 yuan

(3) because the punching strength of the cartons made of honeycomb paperboard cannot meet the requirements, it is only suitable for use as the inner box of the redried cigarette package. It is suggested that the inner and outer packing boxes of redried cigarette should be made of SY type honeycomb composite paperboard, because the board takes honeycomb structure as the basic material, with a single-layer corrugated paperboard on the top and 300 IL12 box paperboard on the bottom. The material used is less than 7 layers of corrugated paperboard, but the compressive torque is several times that of 7 layers of corrugated paperboard

source: Tobacco Science and technology

Xiao Yupei, Chang Huiying

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