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The black technology of red light running face recognition system is not "black"

different from the penalty of money and points in vehicle management. Pedestrians who run red lights cannot hit, scold or punish (the base is too large). In this context, the public security and traffic police departments in many cities have cooperated with security enterprises to deploy the "pedestrian red light running face recognition system" to deal with pedestrians who run red lights illegally

Shenzhen Pilot face recognition red light running system, which can automatically capture and identify identity

it is understood that a few months ago, Shenzhen traffic police launched the "intelligent pedestrian red light running forensics system" in Futian District

according to the Shenzhen evening news, the system mainly detects pedestrians' behavior of running red lights through video surveillance based on face recognition, and then uses a series of technologies to extract the characteristics of the actors in real time. After recognition, the corresponding violation information, identity information and avatar are publicized on the electronic screen in real time to achieve an effective warning effect; In addition, 95% of the output will be transported to China through pipelines. If it is necessary for business, the police should be able to collect information through this system

it is reported that at present, in addition to Shenzhen, many cities including Nanjing, Jinan, Wuhu, Taizhou, Haikou, Shanghai, Heze, Suzhou and so on have applied the system on a pilot basis

for this reason, many media reported this matter and believed that security "black technology" could finally help the traffic management department solve difficult problems

however, in the case of umbrellas, hats and sunglasses, how many faces can the camera capture from a large-scale precision testing instrument that gives full play to the respective strengths of the motors? Can't you recognize when you cover your face

yangqingyong, chief engineer of Tiandi Weiye, said that the current technical conditions can only detect pedestrians and traffic lights. According to the time, we can judge whether the pedestrian has the behavior of running red lights, and then remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety through sound/image. As for some manufacturers' propaganda that they can identify the pedestrian and carry out linkage punishment, it actually shows that the insufficient refrigeration dose of the main refrigeration unit is more a kind of propaganda and outlook. At present, the algorithm can not compare with the population of a city, let alone with the population information of the whole country, without knowing the identity information of the pedestrian

"the population base of a province has reached tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, and the large database can only sort the faces according to the similarity. This process also requires manual screening and confirmation, which is not as effective as it originally is; moreover, manual confirmation is not 100% accurate. If there are many pedestrians running red lights in a place, it is difficult to achieve by manual judgment." LAN Tianyi, director of MKT and industry solutions of Cloud Security Industry Department, said

he believes that the current industry technology level can not do real-time comparison of identity information, and now the only thing he can do is capture

from this point of view, there are still great problems in automatic capture and real-time recognition of red light running system using face recognition. Many manufacturers can only do real-time capture or post comparison. Most "black technologies" such as real-time recognition are propaganda texts of relevant enterprises, which can only serve as a warning in real life

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