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The Mobile Virtualization seminar of red bend software company was launched

ctiforum news on November 13 (Fanyi): red bend software company, the market leader of mobile software management (MSM), which has achieved red bend certification on more than 1.6 billion devices, launched a seminar with Mobile Virtualization as the theme on Tuesday. The audience participating in the conference can not only understand that mobile virtualization is an important part of IT industry, enterprise applications Opportunities and changes brought by the M2M field, as well as the opportunity to win a gift with a built-in red bend software company's mobile virtualization solution. Red bend's vlogix mobile virtualization solution can reuse existing software assets while using the new operating system, enabling mobile device manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers to speed up product time to market and reduce costs

since B has laid the foundation for the localization of C919 wing panels, topics such as Yod and mobile virtualization are widely concerned and discussed in Europe, America, Japan and other places. In order to unveil the mystery of Mobile Virtualization Technology, the material of red sample can be divided into metal and non-metal. The director of technology and new business in Greater China of bend software company will reveal the implementation path, architecture, purpose and market practical application cases of this technology in detail at this seminar. How to introduce virtualization technology into mobile devices? Will its application environment be separated from the underlying hardware, so waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot resource for future development, and each domain will be managed independently? In this seminar, red bend's vlogix mobile will give you the perfect answer

seminar content:

Theme: red bend Mobile Virtualization Solution

time: November 13, 2012 - November 12, 2013


speaker expert

David Yin - director of technology and new business in Greater China of red bend software company

Mr. Yin Gaosheng has been the director of technology and new business in Greater China of red bend software company since 2005, responsible for product development plan management Customer technical requirements, integration projects and customer relations. From 2003 to 2005, David worked in Siemens (China) communication group as the project leader. Previously, he was also a senior engineer in Oberthur, France. Judging from the previous and current situation, he served as a senior engineer in the Beijing Representative Office of the unified company

question and answer expert

roger Ordman - Product Marketing Director of red bend software company

roger Ordman is product marketing director of red bend software company. He has more than 15 years of working experience in the company's global technology marketing and mobile communications industry. During his tenure in red bend software company, he successively successfully introduced a variety of technical products to the market. Roger is mainly responsible for product and enterprise marketing management, including product and enterprise positioning and brand promotion, the birth of market awareness and demand, product definition and product expansion

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