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Red box launched the next generation of voice capture platform

dedicated voice expert Redbox today announced the launch of the world's first truly open cloud agnostic enterprise voice platform conversa based on microservices. This platform can provide organizations with large listening and free sharing functions that must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, as well as analyze enterprise wide audio and media data

with its unique and revolutionary event driven, stateless architecture and almost unlimited global expansion capabilities, conversa can capture high-quality, select the appropriate dial (range) from each conversation in the entire organization, operate audio and rich media information according to the corresponding operating procedures, and ensure multiple levels of flexibility at the same time. Conversa is a platform built entirely from scratch for agnostic on premises, cloud delivery, or hybrid delivery, and its total cost of ownership (TCO) is a market leader

free and open restapi can ensure real-time access and control of these extremely rich but sensitive data sets, and support the delivery of AI enabled audio, video, rich metadata and scripts to almost all applications. This enables organizations to access a wide ecosystem of best in class AI, analytics, CRM, Bi, and compliance tools to drive transformative business outcomes in terms of customer and employee experience, sales performance, and automation

as organizations are under increasing pressure to support decentralized workforce and promote differentiated convenience through digital transformation, the ability to retain the voice of customers and employees, one of their richest and most powerful data sets, is more important than ever for organizations, commented Richard Stevenson, CEO of Redbox. Conversa enables organizations to take advantage of the rich content in enterprise wide audio and media while benefiting from a market-leading infrastructure

this platform will be the first foam granulator to be launched on the limited release, and will be provided together with the Redbox platform, which will continue to be developed and supported

about Redbox

Redbox is a leading dedicated voice expert with more than 30 years of experience in helping organizations capture, protect enterprise wide voice and use its value. Converse developed by Redbox is the next generation and the first truly open enterprise voice platform based on microservices. It provides revolutionary event driven and globally scalable architecture, market leading infrastructure TCO, and unlimited horizontal scalability

conversa provides mission critical and flexible capture capabilities, which can capture rich and high-quality voice data and media in real time from any dialogue, anywhere and on any platform, provide customers with end-to-end data sovereignty, and open access to the world's most extensive leading AI voice technology ecosystem

redbox is received by many organizations e-mail:donglingyang2008@; @; Trust, including leading organizations in the field of financial services, contact centers, government and public security departments (including six world-class banks, 85% of global brokers, 1700 call centers and more than 80% of British police). We capture and protect millions of call content for more than 3500 customers around the world every day

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