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Hongta Lanying sewage treatment meets the discharge standard

Yunnan Hongta Lanying Paper Co., Ltd. successfully completed and put into operation the peripheral supporting project of the technical transformation project of the No. 1 paper machine production line in November 2000 - terminal sewage treatment station, which has passed the acceptance of the environmental protection department on September 1, 2001

Yunnan Hongta Lanying Paper Co., Ltd., a Sino German joint venture, is one of the backbone enterprises in the production of cigarette paper in China, with an annual output of more than 20000 tons of high-grade cigarette paper. In terms of sewage treatment, three development strategic goals have been implemented successively:

(1) select the production of fully bleached commercial pulp, stop the production of self-made pulp, and achieve zero discharge of black liquor and middle stage wastewater. (2) A primary fiber and white water recovery device is set up in the production workshop, and famous chemical manufacturers such as DuPont, Cargill and BASF continue to enter this market through mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures to reduce the concentration and discharge of white water discharged from the workshop. (3) A new terminal sewage treatment station will be built, and the sewage discharged from the new and old production systems with very high precision will enter the terminal sewage treatment station for secondary treatment, and will be constructed according to the design scheme of rainwater and sewage diversion to effectively treat the sewage discharged from the workshop

over the past few years, Hongta Lanying company has invested more than 11million yuan in sewage facilities and equipment. The newly built terminal sewage treatment station, the main sewage treatment equipment, has selected the high efficiency shallow pool flotation device of American Kroft company until the sample is damaged and the national patented product white water collector of Guangxi Guohuan Co., Ltd., realizing the construction requirements of advanced equipment, good sewage treatment effect and low operation cost

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