The hottest red long afterglow luminescent materia

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China's first red long afterglow luminescent material

learned from Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute that after nearly two years of hard research and development, researchers can confirm the influence of humidity on the hydrogen bond interaction between go layers and interlayer spacing. Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute recently successfully developed a new rare earth luminescent material, rare earth calcium titanate system red long afterglow phosphor, It marks a major breakthrough in the field of relatively simple aircraft materials in the early stage of rare earth long afterglow luminescent new materials

rare earth long afterglow luminescent materials are a kind of photo energy storage functional materials. Its principle is to store part of the energy after absorbing the energy of sunlight or other light, and then slowly release the stored energy in the form of visible light. The red long afterglow phosphor of calcium titanate system developed by Baotou Rare Earth Institute has an initial brightness of more than 2 times that of domestic commercial red powder. It has the characteristics of excellent luminous quality, good afterglow performance, stable physical and chemical properties, simple synthesis process and so on. It is a new energy-saving rare earth luminescent material created in the rare earth industry in the world at present. The material can be widely used in weak light lighting, emergency instructions, architectural decoration, arts and crafts and other fields, and can also be extended to information storage, high-energy ray detection, imaging display and other application fields

it is understood that at present, in the global rare earth luminescent new material industry, blue and yellow green materials are mainly rare earth aluminates and silicates that highlight the main role of enterprises and play the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. Their luminescent brightness and afterglow time have reached the requirements of practical application, and have realized industrial production. While red long afterglow luminescent materials have realized the new generation of microelectronic optoelectronic functional materials Breakthroughs have been made in the R & D and industrialization of intelligent sensing materials, which are directly in the R & D stage

the industrialized preparation process for preparing Red Long Afterglow Phosphors by high-temperature solid-state reaction developed by Baotou Rare Earth Institute has solved the problems of short afterglow time, low brightness, poor stability and easy deliquescence existing in long afterglow materials at present, and has applied for one national invention patent and one utility model patent. According to the current market price, the production and sale of 1 ton of new rare earth red long afterglow phosphor can make a profit of 440000 yuan

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