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Redefine the precise oil change, the repair shop is more professional and competitive

redefine the precise oil change, the repair shop is more professional and competitive

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the refinement of maintenance requirements of car owners is a major current situation faced by the auto repair industry. To meet the personalized needs of car owners, we must pay attention to the actual use feelings of car owners. Otan customized engine oil, starting from the ultimate driving experience of "private car customization", helps overhaul plants improve owner satisfaction

1. Otan products are directly supplied to the overhaul plant from the production plant, eliminating all intermediate links

the production end and the application end directly establish a cooperative relationship, and the information transmission and feedback mechanism is more direct. The technical engineer exchanges product information directly with the application end, eliminating the feedback link of the dealer in the middle. The application end can obtain more consulting services from the manufacturer, timely grasp the industry trends and big data resources, obtain direct resource assistance from the manufacturer, and establish exclusive supply channels

2. The technical training covers the characteristics of the vehicle model, oil selection, oil use and driving experience, breaking through the technical fuzzy zone of the overhaul plant and helping to stand out from the disordered competition in the auto repair market

"no threshold" sprint ends, and the long-distance race brought by professionalism is the correct posture for car service. The direction of value creation in any industry can be roughly divided into three points: quality, efficiency and customer source. Only by providing good service, selling good products, serving good customers, and identifying customer needs to benefit customers can we continuously create value

3. Protect products in a wide range of areas, continue to maintain the competitive advantage of the overhaul plant, introduce upstream technical resources, and assist the overhaul plant to take root in technical research and get rid of low-level competition

with high-quality products and professional guidance, car owners can truly feel the ultimate driving experience and maintain the competitive advantage of the products. The manufacturer continues to provide supporting services and technologies, improve the professionalism of the overhaul plant in the accurate oil change, and get rid of the low-level competition of only competing for price, but unable to really obtain the satisfaction of car owners

4. Avoid the fool software oil selection mode that fools customers, and truly let the overhaul plant master the omni-directional and three-dimensional oil matching technology

what car owners want more is customized, personalized and cost-effective services, which requires that the overhaul factory must meet the needs of car owners from multiple dimensions, such as the factory design of the engine, the lubrication method, the accurate matching of engine oil, the manufacturer's OEM specifications, vehicle working conditions, personal driving habits, etc., quickly establish links with car owners and their vehicles, accurately provide the required service content for car owners, and make them more valuable

5. Assist the overhaul plant to improve its software and hardware strength, cooperate horizontally across regions, share high-quality upstream resources, optimize the customer structure of the overhaul plant, and increase the proportion of high-quality customers

manufacturers provide comprehensive assistance from equipment to services for terminals, jointly learn advanced experience and management concepts in the industry, provide all high-quality resources required for terminals, and obtain the recognition of more high-quality customers with an additional 200million yuan in Shenzhen finance

6. Get twice the result with half the effort by experiencing products that are just needed

engine oil is a just needed product for automotive services. The user experience of otan is to achieve the ultimate comprehensive management of the engine, and provide customers with a comprehensive management solution of the engine that can measure its output voltage, so as to accurately match the engine oil according to the vehicle working conditions in a real sense

unprofessional will be eliminated, and the hardest currency in any industry will always be professional. Only when we can get the real recognition of customers can we really move customers. The optimization of automobile service is endless. The concept of accurate oil change is the balance between service quality and good experience, which is also the most valuable thing that otan has done

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