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The more prominent the bottleneck effect of talent shortage of CNC machine tools

Guide: the faster the development of the market scale of CNC machine tools, the more prominent the bottleneck effect of talent shortage. For the domestic CNC machine tool industry, this seems to be an embarrassing situation

maybe one day I will leave the machine tool industry and never do it again. On April 11, at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition, Zhangcheng (a pseudonym), a technical engineer of Dalian machine tool group, felt helpless when discussing the development of the industry

machine tools are the basic products in the equipment manufacturing industry. The technology added value of China's machine tool industry is low, especially the achievements of independently developed high-end CNC machine tools are few, which is related to the low-end positioning of made in China in the international division of labor in the past. In recent years, the pace of industrial upgrading in China has accelerated, and the demand for high-end CNC machine tools has greatly increased. However, the market is mainly occupied by imported goods, and the development of domestic high-end CNC machine tools is still difficult

various signs show that this is related to the lack of high-end technical talents in this field in China. The faster the development of CNC machine tool market scale, the more prominent the bottleneck effect of talent shortage. For the domestic CNC machine tool industry, this seems to be an embarrassing situation

the development fell into the tearing performance of high molecular waterproof coiled materials gb/t328.19 ⑵ 007 strange circle

at this exhibition, when the business personnel at each booth were eagerly looking forward to their customers, they saw a young man and a white haired old man beside the booth of Dalian machine tool group to have a heated discussion on the lack of talents in the machine tool industry. The young man is Zhang Cheng. The old man is chenxunjie, a senior engineer and former senior consultant of China Machine Tool Industry Association

the reason why China's machine tool industry has the current situation is the lack of talents. As an older generation of machine tool experts, Chen Xunjie said anxiously that among the high-end technical talents in the domestic machine tool industry, many are younger than him, but even younger ones are rare. The machine tool industry has experienced a generation break in talent

Zhang Cheng also believes that the key to the loss of technical talents in China's large number of high-end machine tools is to attract talents. Domestic machine tool enterprises can not provide a good environment for high-level and sophisticated talents

it is noted that, like other equipment manufacturing industries, China's CNC machine tool industry is now in a rare period of strategic opportunity. With the technological transformation of traditional industries, such as automobile, machinery, home appliances, textile, agricultural machinery and environmental protection, the demand for CNC machine tools continues to rise; The development of high-tech industries such as electronic information, bioengineering, new energy and new materials has opened up a new demand market for precision, efficient and special CNC machine tools

On the other hand, the upgrading of industries in eastern China, the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China and the acceleration of development in central and Western China have provided a huge potential domestic market for the development of CNC machine tool industry; Since the international financial crisis, the transfer of international capital and industry to China and the exchange of international technology and talents have provided an external environment for the development of China's CNC machine tool industry

some data show that 10 years ago, the annual output of CNC machine tools in China was only about 20000, and now it has reached more than 200000; The CNC rate of domestic machine tools increased from 35.5% at the end of the tenth five year plan to 51.9% at the end of the eleventh five year plan. However, these data can not reflect many deep-seated contradictions faced by the development of the machine tool industry

large but not strong, wide but not precise is a common problem of domestic CNC machine tools, and the high-end machine tools required by key industries still need to be imported at present. Said chengfenglan, chief engineer of the second Qiqihar machine tool

zhangwenqiao, chief technologist and deputy chief engineer of Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group) also pointed out that we adopt the strategy of becoming bigger and stronger first. At present, the function of the machine tool is achieved, but the accuracy is far from enough

to some extent, the development of machine tool industry has fallen into a strange circle. Hu Xishi, chairman of Hunan Jack CNC Co., Ltd. and director of the follow-up grinding Institute of Hunan University, said that the machine tool industry is equivalent to agriculture in the manufacturing industry. Low profits lead to low treatment of technical talents. Low treatment also leads to the lack of talents in the machine tool industry. The lack of talents also affects product innovation, which further restricts the profit space of enterprises

the treatment of talents is not high.

jack machine tool is the second largest enterprise under jack holding group. Now it has three machine tool manufacturing plants in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hunan. Its senior technicians in Hunan plant can basically get more than 3000 yuan after joining the enterprise for the second year. Although there are engineers with an annual salary of more than 100000 yuan, the company has strict control over the employment cost, which basically will not exceed 15% of the total cost

Hu Xishi told us that the brain drain of technical talents has a lot to do with the low wages in this industry. Now even a foot washing girl can get a salary of 3000 yuan. When a technician gets 3000 yuan, he feels that he has suffered a loss

Canada's ICAM company is an internationally renowned company in the NC machine tool industry. Lironghua, an engineer of the company, introduced to the magazine that compared with China, the company really pays a lot more technical personnel, although some Chinese machine tool enterprises have been raising the salaries of their employees

however, domestic machine tool enterprises are still unable to meet the urgent wishes of engineers. One of the most important reasons is that domestic CNC machine tools can not be sold at a good price. For products of the same model, the price of domestic products is much cheaper than that of foreign enterprises, so that people in the industry can judge whether they are domestic or imported products only by the price without looking at the product parameters

on the other hand, the management of domestic enterprises seems not to be deeply aware of the importance of high-end technical engineers

Engineer for sales

Zhang Cheng has been engaged in technical research and development in Dalian machine tool for 5 years. However, from this year, he will start to sell. It is noted that at cimt2011 exhibition, the title of many sales managers' business cards was followed by the word engineer

in response to this phenomenon, zhangyaning, head of the Second Sales Department of Zhejiang Tiantong Keji Cheng machine technology Co., Ltd., explained that the machine tool industry in our country is a very market-oriented industry. Machine tool enterprises only develop and produce what the market needs, and no enterprise will develop and produce what the market does not need

Wuhan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large backbone enterprise producing heavy and ultra heavy machine tools with the largest specifications and the most complete varieties in China. Zhangwenqiao, chief technologist and deputy chief engineer of the company, said that from the perspective of their machine tool manufacturers, they also want to use domestic CNC systems, but this ultimately depends on the choice of users.

general users are not willing to use domestic CNC systems. A vice minister surnamed Yang of the Publicity Department of the Party committee of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. once said to him that if an enterprise is bent on developing new products, but can not sell them in the end, how can the enterprise survive

according to the data from China Machine Tool Industry Association, the total import volume of China's machine tool products in 2010 was US $15.72 billion, a year-on-year increase of 62.0%, exceeding the record high of 27.8% in 2008. Among them, ordinary machine tools are more than 9billion US dollars, and CNC machine tools are nearly 8billion US dollars

in this regard, experts in the organic bed industry pointed out that the reason for the substantial increase in imports is that on the one hand, the State encourages the import of advanced technology and equipment and further expands the import of high-end machine tool products; On the other hand, it also shows that there is still an obvious gap between domestic medium and high-grade machine tools and foreign ones, which can not fully meet the domestic market demand

under the condition that the domestic high-end CNC machine tools are subject to the shortage of high-end talents, the faster the market develops, the more imported products, and the smaller the market share of the domestic independently developed high-end CNC machine tools, which seems to fall into a deeper and deeper trap, and the prospect is worrying. Industry analysts said

however, zhangwenqiao believes that China's CNC machine tool level can still reach the international advanced level after 20 years, but he also points out that machine tool manufacturing enterprises need to make great efforts to cultivate high-end technical talents. In this regard, Hunan Jack CNC Co., Ltd. and Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. are trying to cultivate their own technical talents and strive to become a bigger and stronger brand in the future

of course, it is also important to create an environment conducive to technological innovation by machine tool engineers. Otherwise, it is impossible to retain talents by shouting all day about keeping people in love and career. Hu Xishi said that relevant machine tool enterprises should continue to pursue product quality, improve quality and create their own brands. In addition, although the state pays more and more attention to the development of the machine tool industry, the policy support needs to be strengthened

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