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In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the home furnishing industry has naturally followed its wave. Among them, the development momentum of smart home is the fastest, and the competition among enterprises in this industry is becoming stronger and stronger. However, despite this, the strength gap between enterprises is still very significant. Most small enterprises are small and lax in the general environment. In the face of the trend of quietly shuffling the hardware industry, it is inevitable that some small enterprises that lack brand awareness and have limited independent R & D capacity will be eliminated. However, for the franchisees, the vigorous development and broad prospects of the smart lock industry can still give them a little peace of mind. However, in addition to peace of mind, we need to be more careful when choosing to join. Only when you see the current market situation can you choose calmly

the market potential of the smart lock industry is considerable.

people's living standards have been improving all the time, and the comfort of the home environment and safety issues have also risen to a new level. The smart home industry, marked by intelligence, has developed rapidly from its infancy in the past few years to its breaking momentum today. It is understood that in Europe and the United States and other countries, the penetration rate of smart locks is 50%, while in South Korea, it has even reached 90%. In China, the current penetration rate is only 2%. Under the general trend that smart home must spread throughout people's lives, this indicates that the smart lock market contains great business opportunities. However, great business opportunities are not for all brands. According to the survey, today's young people have a strong brand awareness. They have high requirements for personalized product design, intelligent experience and material quality. 3. For the intelligent door lock enterprises in the course of experiment, the installation and commissioning of technical and innovative equipment lines and the after-sales service personnel will face great challenges in strict compliance with the national laws and regulations on safety production and the regulations on safety production in railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 (2) 003). However, Hikvision & Dahua intelligent lock is calm among many competitors in the face of such challenges, This is due to its strong R & D and design team as its solid background

enterprises are facing life challenges

relevant industry experts estimate that there are not as many smart door lock enterprises that can survive in the market in the next few years. In an increasingly competitive market, who can better understand how to satisfy customers' intelligent needs, who can really seize the market. Just like a brand of intelligence, it is obviously irrational to focus on running points while leaving aside the rigid needs and intelligent experience of users. A product that cannot satisfy customers' needs cannot be called a good product. The same is true for the smart lock market. Enterprises with strength, brand accumulation and more attention to user needs are easy to develop rapidly, while small enterprises that blindly simulate the lack of core technologies will face the danger of being eliminated

the brand awareness of the smart lock industry is becoming stronger and stronger

if enterprises want to make great progress in the smart home industry, they must strengthen their brand awareness. Brand is the core content of products, and brand awareness is beyond other marketing means. In the market of prosperous countries, brand identification has replaced product identification and become the only element of market choice. Once the brand enters the human brain and becomes an experimental opportunity with good memory quality, the more it is used, the more durable it will be. After memory, the brand will also exist in the brain in the form of material, thus forming brand awareness. Brand awareness our overall impression of a product represents the brand. For example, when we want to eat potato chips, we will think of corbic. When we want to buy a camera, we will think of Nikon, Canon, etc. when we need to install smart locks at home, one day, we will immediately think of Hikvision & Dahua

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