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Nuclear power speed-up needs to break the bottleneck.

the national experimental Department issued the China Industrial Green Development Report (2017), which requires the development of nuclear power to be robust and durable at the same time.

the "Ministerial International Conference on nuclear power for the 21st century" held last week uploaded the news that the Chinese government is planning to adjust the medium and long-term development plan of nuclear power to speed up the rapid development of nuclear power. Zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, said: "the country is now adjusting the medium - and long-term development plan of nuclear power, strengthening the development of nuclear power in coastal areas, scientifically planning the construction of nuclear power in inland areas, and striving to achieve the proportion of nuclear power in the total installed capacity of electric power by more than 5% by 2020."

according to the medium and long term development plan for nuclear power (year) published in 2007, the development goal of China's nuclear power is to increase the proportion of nuclear power in the total installed power capacity from less than 2% at that time to 4% by 2020. Obviously, the country has raised the 4% target by another percentage point

an analyst in the nuclear power industry told China energy news that the state's attitude towards the development of nuclear power has experienced several stages of "moderate development", "positive development" and "vigorous development". For industries such as nuclear power, national support is very important. It can be predicted that the next few years will be the golden period for the development of nuclear power in China

dongbaotong, director of the System Engineering Department of China's National Atomic Energy Agency, said that aiming at the economic growth in the next few years, now is the right time to adjust the energy structure. The financial crisis has led to a global economic recession. On the one hand, it has reduced energy demand or slowed down the growth of energy demand. On the other hand, it affects not only the total amount, but also the structure. "As nuclear power is a large project that invests in slowly turning on the oil delivery valve for loading experiment, we regard nuclear power construction as an important measure to stimulate domestic demand. The Chinese government has launched a huge investment plan of 4trillion yuan, of which hundreds of billions of yuan are invested in nuclear power, which is also a measure to resist the crisis."

zhouxiaoqian, a nuclear power expert and vice president of the China Energy Research Association, told China energy news that the future development pattern of energy is that traditional fossil energy, renewable energy and nuclear energy are three parts of the world. Compared with solar energy and other energy sources, nuclear energy is the only clean energy that can be used on a large scale. Vigorously developing nuclear power not only focuses on stimulating domestic demand at present, but also has long-term significance

local governments compete for nuclear power business opportunities

in addition to the national positive attitude towards nuclear power development, local enthusiasm for building nuclear power plants is also very high. Undoubtedly, China's nuclear power plant construction has entered the fast lane. Dr. zhushutang, a national registered nuclear power industry consulting engineer and a member of the Institute of nuclear energy and new energy technology of Tsinghua University, has provided technical advice to some local and provincial nuclear power plant projects. He believed that local governments have a very high enthusiasm for building nuclear power plants. According to him, "it's almost the same as the launch of thermal power plant projects in various places in previous years."

even according to the development level of the medium and long term development plan for nuclear power (year), by 2020, the installed capacity of China's nuclear power operation will reach 40million kW. The scale of nuclear power construction newly started and put into operation in the past 15 years is roughly estimated, and the total capital demand for nuclear power project construction is about 450billion yuan

in addition to Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces that have always led in the construction of nuclear power plants, many other provinces have also joined the competition for the construction of nuclear power plants. Even inland provinces such as Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui have recently launched a race for nuclear power projects, joining the race for the "cake" of China's 450 billion yuan nuclear power investment

insiders tell us that after the completion of the nuclear power plant, the revenue will be considerable, and it can have a great driving effect on the upstream and downstream industries. This will have a great attraction for local governments. According to relevant sources of Shanghai Electric Group, the accelerated development of nuclear power will bring considerable benefits to equipment manufacturers such as Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and Harbin Electric

the bottleneck of development needs to be broken.

Zhou Xiaoqian believes that the current rapid development of nuclear power plants is more reflected in the speed of planning and approval

5. Keep the equipment clean and sanitary; However, to effectively improve the development speed of nuclear power plants, we still face many constraints, such as talents, systems, equipment and raw materials

according to insiders, the training cost of only one technician in Daya Bay nuclear power plant is as high as 100000 yuan. In the past, China did not pay enough attention to nuclear power plants, resulting in a large number of brain drain and lack of talent. There are few nuclear majors in Colleges and universities. At present, only four colleges and universities have nuclear power related majors, and professional education and training can not keep up. The technicians of nuclear reactor engineering in nuclear power plants generally account for 10%-20% of the professionals in nuclear power plants, and the rest are professionals in power and control. According to the calculation of 400 people for a million kilowatt nuclear power unit, by 2020, even if 30 units operate, it will also need nuclear professional technicians

as for the institutional problems, zhouxiaoqian said that at present, there are serious problems in the nuclear power management system. China Nuclear Power Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and the state nuclear power corporation have three pillars in the field of nuclear power, resulting in the non sharing of resources and repeated construction from time to time. In addition, the equipment manufacturing and installation capacity is insufficient, and the manufacturing capacity of some key components and materials needs to be strengthened; Natural uranium resources as nuclear power raw materials are also very limited. These problems have caused difficulties in accelerating the development of nuclear power in China

however, zhouxiaoqian believes that there are ways to solve these difficulties. Take the problem of raw materials as an example. Although China lacks natural uranium, the future fast neutron reactor technology can improve the utilization rate of natural uranium and effectively solve the problem of insufficient uranium resources

in the interview, some experts warned that although we should vigorously develop nuclear power, we should also be careful to avoid the phenomenon of "overheating" in the development of nuclear power. We must strengthen safety supervision and promote the scientific development of nuclear power

hezuoxiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who participated in the research and development of China's atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb in the early years, told China energy news that the application and development of nuclear power is necessary, but nuclear power as a high-quality energy should be used preferentially. He said that nuclear energy has the advantage of convenient transportation, and the most reasonable use is as a mobile power station for ship transportation. Nuclear power plants should not be regarded as basic power plants

hezuoxiu believes that China's uranium resources are limited and it is very difficult to import. In addition, from the perspective of economy, the cost of waste landfilling and the cost of converting long-lived radioactive elements into short-lived radioactive elements are not included. "Many provinces in China plan to build nuclear power plants, but in fact, nuclear power plants should play a role in places where coal is difficult to transport. Nuclear power plants should be a tool to adjust the uneven spatial distribution of resources. The current situation is like sowing sesame seeds. This construction method is questionable."

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