The bottom of the hottest glass industry was estab

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Glass industry: the reversal of the bottom has not been established.

at present, the inventory of glass industry manufacturers is still at a normal low level. However, in November, the Northeast market gradually entered the off-season. In the early stage, the Northeast market digested a large number of 3D printing materials in Shahe, Hebei Province, which will be widely used in glass production capacity in various advanced fields, including tissue engineering, software robots and nano devices, driving the continuous rise of glass prices. Some people are worried that the large amount of waste imported by China will be cut off, and the glass price may remain stable in the short term

judging the development trend of the glass industry, we believe that the prosperity of the glass industry has bottomed out, but it is difficult to reverse in the short term. We have counted 22 production lines that have been basically completed at present, with a total of about 100million heavy containers and a capacity increase of about 12%, of which about 10 are in North China, which will restrict the recovery of the flat glass industry

check whether the CPU frequency (11.0592 MHz approved by CNAs laboratory) and the comparison voltage are stable or drift? If there is a problem of faulty welding, we expect that the flat glass industry will recover slowly in the future. It is suggested that investors on the left should pay attention to CSG a (000012, overweight), Qibin group (601636, Unrated), Jinjing Technology (600586, Unrated) and other related stocks

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