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Breakthrough strategy for promoting international standardization in the electrical industry at the time when the National Standards Commission proposed "implementing the standards strategy and achieving leapfrog development", an exciting news came out of the electrical industry: Gou Ruifeng, deputy director of Xi'an High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, was elected chairman of the Technical Committee for power electronic equipment of iec/sc22f transmission and transformation system. In the field of IEC, this is another major breakthrough after Dr. LiYaPing of Xuchang relay Research Institute of the electrical industry was elected as the chairman of the technical committee of iec/tc95 measuring relays and protection equipment in march2006. It is a great gift for the electrical industry to achieve international breakthrough in national standardization at the beginning of the eleventh five year plan. China serves as the chairman of the iso/iec Technical Committee, undertakes the Secretariat, and mainly formulates international standards. Objectively speaking, the uncertainty of its value increases with the increase of mold temperature, which represents the interests of the international level and fulfills international obligations. However, as far as China itself is concerned, these reflect China's strength and technical level, and show the style of an economic and powerful country on the international stage, so that relevant industries have more opportunities to understand the international technological frontier and have the right to speak that reflects China's interests. In particular, the advantageous fields in China's market, such as iec/sc22f, can introduce China's independently innovated technologies into international standards and guide the world trend

the recently issued development outline of standardization in China clearly puts forward, By 2015, it is necessary to achieve the goal of "formulating international standards on the basis of China and participating in the formulation of 2000 international standards, and the rate of adoption of relevant international standards has reached more than 90%. China has become a permanent member of ISO, and the proportion of China undertaking international TC and SC has reached 10%; a mechanism will be formed for leading enterprises to actively track and participate in the formulation and revision of international and national standards." This is a huge challenge for China to step into the international standardization stage and lead the development of international technology by undertaking international affairs as a political and economic power

in recent years, China has made many achievements in standardization, but there are also problems: the overall level of China's standards is low, high-tech standards lag behind, can not meet the needs of emerging industries, technological upgrading and industrialization development, and scientific research is not synchronized with standards. In the aspect of international standardization, in the face of WTO NOTIFICATION rules, China's relevant parties have been slow to respond, the comments are insufficient, and no effective working mechanism has been established; In terms of undertaking iso/iec obligations, China is not a permanent member of the international organization for standardization. The total number of international standards formulated by China is less than 2% and the TC Secretariat of ISO and IEC is about 4%, which is inconsistent with China's international political and economic status and restricts the pace of China's International trade development

due to different products and industries, the focus of international standardization is also different. To carry out substantive tasks, we should look for advantages, opportunities and breakthroughs. As for some traditional industries in the electrical industry, China has a good standardization foundation, the industry development is relatively stable, and new technologies are constantly integrated. However, such industries have been diluted in the world, and we have the advantage of mainly formulating such international standards. The iec/tc27 standard formulation undertaken by the industrial electrothermal equipment and 1 metal standard preparation committee in recent years takes advantage of this opportunity. In fact, there are many gaps in international standards for China's key engineering construction and the main market in China, such as the field of high-voltage power transmission and transformation. However, China has a new standard with independent innovation technology, application practice experience and leading industry development. Gou Ruifeng was elected as the chairman of iec/sc22f. What the world sees is China's technical strength and broad market prospects

to achieve the strategic objectives of China's international standardization and implement the specific tasks of China's international standardization, all walks of life need to share and cooperate. The promotion measures of the electrical industry in recent years are: according to the overall objectives and tasks of national standardization, it is broken down into various disciplines of the electrical industry. Based on the specific analysis of the actual situation, it is necessary to take advantage of the advantages and seize the opportunity to focus on promoting and breaking up the whole into parts, so as to make the implementation targeted and achieve the expected purpose. Since the tenth five year plan, the electrical industry has undertaken two international secretariats of TC7 overhead conductor and TC28 high voltage insulation coordination in IEC, served as two chairmen of tc95 and sc22f, and one senior expert of iec/acos Safety Advisory Committee, and mainly formulated five international standards. Gratifying achievements have been made in the field of power transmission and transformation in China. We have won the International Secretariat and chairman of iec/tc. How to make use of China's international resource advantages in the field of power transmission and transformation to reflect the achievements of China's independent research and development in the field of high-voltage power transmission and transformation into the formulation of international standards is our work to be further deepened and expanded

in the international standardization work, in addition to making use of advantages, seeking opportunities and being familiar with the international standardization work rules and relevant procedures, the most important thing is that we should have independent innovation technology and strength. The international standardization work should also adhere to the road of taking enterprises as the main body and combining industry, University and research, which is also an important aspect of the standardization innovation mechanism. In recent years, the electrical industry has carried out the research and formulation of key technical standards for China's HVDC transmission system and equipment through the combination of production, study and research. The leading units of the standards are large enterprises and groups. The important contents of the standards come from the innovative technologies of enterprises. These achievements will directly improve China's product level and lay a foundation for China in the formulation of international standards for HVDC transmission systems

it is a long way to go to study the cold rolling processability of TC6 sheet by implementing the international standardization war. In the practice of international standardization, the electrical industry has found an effective way of innovation, which provides exploration for the next step to achieve a new breakthrough in the international standardization of the electrical industry and bring environmental benefits

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