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Everbright Futures: crude oil rebounds, and Shanghai oil may fluctuate significantly.

on Monday, WTI's January contract rose $4.57, and the settlement price closed at $54.5/barrel; Singapore 180CST fuel oil fell $7.50 to close at $216.50. Yesterday, the fuel oil transfer valuation in the Huangpu market also determined that the interface on the controller must maintain an accurate corresponding state of 2370 yuan, which was the same as the previous trading day

On the news front, U.S. stocks rose on Monday, as investors were elated by the U.S. government's injection of $20billion into troubled Citigroup and President-elect Barack Obama's announcement of the candidates for his economic team The dollar fell against the euro and against a basket of currencies on Monday as risk aversion eased after the U.S. government announced that it would inject $20billion into troubled Citigroup when another oil port was connected to the oil return pipeline

the drop in temperature also provides support for oil prices. According to the National Weather Service (NWS) data, the demand for heating oil in the United States is expected to exceed 10% of the normal level this week. OPEC chairman Khalil said on Monday that it is necessary to reduce crude oil production by more than 1million barrels a day in order to support the oil market under the current situation

the U.S. government invested to save Citigroup (policy factors), the weather factors led to increased demand for heating oil, OPEC made remarks on reducing production, and the most important thing is the sharp decline of the US dollar index. These are the positive factors that we focused on in this week's weekly report. These factors resonated and led to the rise of oil prices

yesterday, the fuel oil transfer valuation in the Huangpu market was 2370 yuan, unchanged from the previous trading day. The crude oil rebounded, ending the unilateral downward trend in the short term, mainly with shock rebound. Fuel oil prices in Shanghai will open substantially higher today. However, due to the low price of fuel oil in Singapore, which has fallen to the level in February 2005, and the sluggish domestic consumption, fuel oil futures may have a sharp shock. In terms of operation, low altitude single entry is required

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