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The 600 ton/day high-quality float glass production line of Xinjiang Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has been in safe operation for nearly a year since the leading batch of float glass finished products were brought off the production line on October 6, 2012. During this year, Guangyao people not only ensured safe production, but also continued to study the development road towards new industrialization, It has become the star of new industrialization in Luntai County, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang

it is understood that Shandong Guangyao ultra thin glass Co., Ltd. has invested a total of 1.4 billion yuan in the project, with a phase I investment of 700million yuan to build two high-quality float glass production lines with a daily melting capacity of 600t/d. Among them, 460million yuan is invested in the first line of float method, which is planned to be ignited for trial production in December 2012, and the second line of float method is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2014

it is understood that the production process of float glass is different from that of ordinary glass. After more than ten processes, such as melting the glass liquid, clarifying, flowing into the tin bath for forming, spreading, developing, forming the glass belt, quenching, etc., the float glass is cut and boxed. Compared with ordinary glass, the surface gloss and optical deformation of float glass can reach the best. It is mainly used in high-grade buildings, high-grade glass processing, solar photovoltaic curtain walls, high-grade glass furniture, lamp glass, special buildings and other fields. Xinjiang Guangyao float glass company's phase I 600-a-day float glass production line is currently the highest level of equipment in the whole northwest region

in the second half of 2013, Guangyao Float Glass Co., Ltd. plans to build another mirror plating line. After completion, it can not only meet the needs of the southern Xinjiang market for mirror plating glass, but also export to foreign countries, so as to extend the production from the original film to the deep processing of glass, and lengthen the industrial chain. The annual output value of the mirror plating line can be about 100million yuan

when I walked into the workshop, I saw that there were few workers on the long production line. Pieces of transparent glass moved slowly on the automatic production line. Then a huge manipulator steadily "grabbed" them from the production line, placed them neatly, filled in the technical record sheet and placed them on the next packaged parts. These manipulators with advanced technology have replaced the manual loading of glass, reduced the labor intensity of workers, reduced the injury rate of workers, saved manpower, improved working conditions and increased labor productivity

according to the company's personnel, they are now studying the introduction of an automatic detection system to replace the current people. They have seen the possible industrial detection of the next generation spacecraft. The detection results of the system are more accurate, and the product grade will be directly reflected on the microcomputer. The relevant signals will also be transmitted to the manipulator to automatically classify and place the products. Zhonghua glass () Department

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