The boss of the hottest printing factory built a o

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The owner of the printing factory built a one-stop printing platform to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There is no need to worry about

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core tip: ant was founded by Huang Shusheng in January 2016. It is a platform that provides users with one-stop printing services. From july2016 to march2017, the platform had an unfortunate transaction volume of 410 orders, the customer unit price was 4132 yuan, and the repurchase rate was 30%; There are 25 cooperative printing plants (including Xinhua printing plant, lianxingsheng industry, etc.), with a total flow of 1.67 million yuan

Huang Shusheng has worked hard in the printing industry for nearly ten years and has been running his own printing plant. Over time, he found that in order to meet the diversified needs of users, the printing factory needed to purchase all kinds of large-scale equipment, but because the printing factory had no salesperson, "we had to wait for customers to come". Therefore, the equipment utilization rate is low, and the operating cost of the printing plant remains high

therefore, he wants to build a one-stop printing service platform to connect enterprise users and printing plants, and provide orders for printing plants while solving user needs. Huangshusheng smiled and said that after repeated "harassment", he decided to stretch his stress, and his friend finally agreed to start a business with him

in October 2015, Huang Shusheng established ant seal and began to recruit technical teams and operators to develop ant seal officials. It took half a year to promote the release of the petrochemical industry layout plan in July 2016, and the ant printing official went online

customers can upload documents or find designers through the official, place orders and pay after confirmation, and then the platform will contact the printing factory for proofing and send the samples to the customers. After the customers confirm that the proofing is correct, the products will be received within 1-7 days, and the platform will arrange the third-party logistics for distribution. The logistics fee shall be paid according to the order volume. The customer shall bear the logistics fee below 500 yuan, and the platform shall pay the logistics fee above 500 yuan

Huang Shusheng said that at present, the 25 printing plants cooperated by the platform have accumulated their own industrial resources. The platform pays the printing factory monthly according to the order volume. If the cooperative printing factory increases its revenue after joining the platform, it needs to rebate 50% of the part exceeding the average output value to the platform

in terms of profitability, in addition to the rebate of the above cooperative printing plants, it also includes the service fee for product design provided by the self owned designers of the platform and the national graphene technology R & D and industrial utilization innovation demonstration bases in Qingdao and Jining

for the future, Huang Shusheng revealed that he would focus on brand promotion and team expansion. "Officials will also put new content modules on the shelves, such as designers uploading product templates for users to choose."

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