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Luo Xuanfu, the leader of the fraud Gang, encouraged the "employees" to try to cheat. The police captured the pictures provided by the suspect Xiangshan police. The police seized various "souvenirs"

. However, when the promised recycling day came, the sales "Xiao Shen" disappeared. Ms. Fu realized that she had been cheated

on March 9, Xiangshan police successfully cracked a communication (Network) fraud case with a preliminary estimated total amount of more than 20million yuan, and arrested 56 suspect, of which 48 main suspect were criminally detained according to law, seized more than 50 crime computers, frozen more than 2million yuan of funds, and seized more than 1000 sets of commemorative coins. This case is the largest communication (Network) fraud case uncovered in Ningbo since the beginning of the year. Correspondent Sun Bo, Li Bibo, Wang Sha

2 all things become 70000. The "value preservation" souvenirs are exciting. Ms. Fu, 52, lives in Xiangshan. In a word, she is a hardworking and thrifty housekeeper. She holds a wait-and-see attitude towards the high profit financial products in 2014

"Hello, this is Xiao Shen, a staff member of XX Credit Card Center. According to your consumption records, we recommend you a set of souvenirs with high value preservation." On november10,2014, Ms. Fu received a letter from the salesman "Xiao Shen"

"this commemorative coin is of great collection value and can be regarded as a high value preservation product. If you don't want to collect it, we will have partners to collect it at a high price around September 2015." At first she didn't believe what Xiao Shen said, but when she heard that it could be recycled, Ms. Fu was moved. In this way, under the bombing of "Xiao Shen", Ms. Fu bought the first set of commemorative coins

"when the express company delivered the goods, I also specially looked at them. They were all sent from Shanghai, with identification certificates and collection certificates. I swiped my card without much thought." Ms. Fu told her that in the next few months, she would receive "Xiao Shen", some of them booing the cold and asking for warmth, and some of them selling new souvenirs

Ms. Fu bought six sets of souvenirs, including pure gold commemorative coins and jade bowls, under the enthusiastic promotion of "Xiao Shen". Seeing that the recycling date is coming, the "Xiao Shen" who had been coming for several months has disappeared. The promised more than 20000 yuan overseas, including the developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, have frequently formulated and updated the technical regulations and standards for food contact plastic products, which can be increased to 70000 yuan, but can not be fulfilled. "The more I think about it, the more wrong I am. I called the police on August 19 last year."

the "rich man" in the circle of friends turned out to be the boss of the fraud gang.

next, such alarms continued to increase. Only last December, people were cheated in all parts of Ningbo. The cases involved can realize a variety of safety protection methods such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, limit and so on; The amount was more than 100000 yuan. Subsequently, Xiangshan County Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate. "We took these so-called high value souvenirs and found that the so-called pure gold and silver souvenirs are actually copper and zinc; the so-called jade bowls are made of glass."

the police also contacted the bank, and the other party said that it had not issued such commemorative coins, "Ernst Siebert explained. Based on the appraisal results and the report, the police concluded that this was a fraud case

after further investigation, the police found that this was a fraud criminal gang entrenched in Jiangsu and radiating across the country

by querying the system records of the express company, the police determined the identity information of the suspect and found that the fraud company he opened was located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

"we went to Wuxi many times to investigate and confirm that this company is a 'leather bag company'." Police said that the company is located in high-end office buildings, but there is no formal industrial and commercial registration

the company has more than 30 employees, all of whom are relatives or fellow countrymen, most of whom are women. Their main business is to promote souvenirs through networking

"with the deepening of our investigation, two other fraud companies surfaced." According to the police, "Xiao Shen", who sold souvenirs to Ms. Fu, the reporter, attracted their attention by "showing off his wealth" in the circle of friends

it turned out that "Xiao Shen" was not satisfied with his original share and went it alone. He also frequently interacted with the boss of his old employer in the circle of friends to motivate employees. Zhang and Liu of the original company also successively changed jobs and worked alone in Baolong square, Wangzhuang street, Wuxi

self made "Langya list", with a monthly performance of 150000 yuan

"the three companies have a feature that they have established strict rules and regulations to make fraud more concentrated and efficient. From the general manager to the person in charge, to the salesperson, as well as the purchase and delivery personnel, the organization level is distinct." The police told, "there are clear regulations on how many times to punch in and how many orders to make every day. As long as these Regulations are met, new employees can become regular employees."

each employee's monthly basic score is 100 points, and each score is 20 yuan. If the score is lower than 85 points per month, the bonus will be deducted proportionally, with a maximum deduction of 1000 yuan

"in the final analysis, the company's various incentive mechanisms are to cheat more and maximize benefits through competition among employees within the company. We also saw a 'Jiangnan international Langya list' on the wall of a fraud company." The police said, "the sales champion in December was a woman. The employee achieved 150000 'performances' a month."

"among the victims were civil servants, white-collar workers, and the bosses of enterprises. Many of them did not believe that this was a fraud group. Some of the victims refused to admit that they had been cheated until we went to investigate. They all felt that those who called them were very professional and even used professional terms." The police said that when these people talked with the victims at the other end, they all had a notebook in front of them, which contained all kinds of questions that the victims might ask. The police found that a "telephone operator" could not even speak clearly during the investigation, but was fluent in answering various questions, successfully fooling many people

we must buy commemorative coins from formal channels

the police remind us that nowadays, more and more citizens begin to collect commemorative coins as an investment. "The people's Bank of China exercises the right to print and issue Renminbi. Commemorative coins are a kind of Renminbi and are legal tender." The police said that according to the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of Renminbi, if the theme of commemorative coins involves major political and historical themes, it should be reported to the State Council for approval; The people's Bank of China shall make public the theme, denomination, pattern, material, style, specification, number of issues and time of issue of commemorative coins. In other words, no other institution or individual has the right to issue commemorative coins. "

to this end, the police reminded the general public that only the commemorative coins issued by the central bank can have the function of legal tender. "At the same time, when purchasing commemorative coins, we must choose formal channels to purchase them and ask for formal invoices."

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