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Coating industry: brand positioning is just a "beautiful misunderstanding"

coating industry: brand positioning is just a "beautiful misunderstanding"


[China's general coating information used to evaluate the quality of rivet wires] there are many brand enterprises in the home building materials industry, and many enterprises do not pay attention to positioning, including product positioning, market positioning, audience positioning, brand positioning, communication positioning, etc, Various positioning has made the brand at a loss. So, how should enterprises position themselves? In fact, the core of positioning lies in whether it is in line with the current development of the enterprise 98.07 and the allocation of resources, rather than a few advertising words and a few planning

brand positioning is just a "beautiful misunderstanding"

many enterprises look to planning companies for brand planning, hoping to find a way out for brand development, set up a flag and point out a direction. In the end, the enterprise gains a set of VI and an advertising word, that is, the so-called image. The enterprise is still full of doubts about the future development

in fact, the real brand positioning should be strategic, which can determine the lifeblood of brand development. In fact, the author believes that the root of success is to create a new blue ocean, and differentiated products provide a prerequisite for brand development. Targeting the high-end crowd, the systematic marketing activities such as channel construction, price setting and brand promotion around this crowd have achieved great success

therefore, the root of positioning lies in the deep understanding of market demand, rather than the speculation on the concept. We must fully tap the core value interests of consumers, and then provide products consistent with this core value interests

at present, the positioning of the coating industry mostly stays at three levels:

first, basically face-to-face appeal to play the health card and long-term hype the concept of health, from E0, anion to F 4 star

second, lifestyle appeal

this is the shallowest "packaging". Similar to the practice of real estate, it gives the product dignity, luxury, superiority and other identity hints, making the product and brand look noble

third, pseudo bloodline

such enterprises often try their best to link up with foreign countries, such as German quality, French style, Italian design and other concepts, which are full of brands. What's more, they will describe a real brand story to prove it, making people mistakenly think it is an imported brand

of course, it's not impossible to play by the margin, but it's just wishful thinking if there is no quality and level of international brands in the supporting support

a good brand positioning can guide enterprises to focus all marketing actions on one point, which not only makes people see, but also enables consumers to find purchase impulse and recognition

when making brand positioning, coating enterprises must reflect differentiation. It is meaningless for you to mention what others have mentioned. It is no good to put forward some concepts that are similar to others. It is worthless to put forward some concepts that have not been implemented in the product. To test whether the brand positioning is reasonable, the standard is whether its products can support this positioning and whether this positioning is unique

three levels of effective positioning:

1 Examine the market

to find out whether the products launched are not available in the current market or have not been noticed

2. Crowd analysis

it is necessary to find out which consumers can pay attention to the product and how likely its focus is to be amplified. If household products are separated from the basic functional attributes of practicality, health and stability, no matter how big the highlight may become a "dead hole". The enterprise should have an insight into the overall home form and the overall performance of all experimental systems at home, which are equivalent to the technical level of the products of the internationally famous dynamic experimental machine company, and meet the style requirements, so as to customize them for the consumer group

3. Retrieving products

it is necessary to systematically examine the products on the market, so as to find out which products have development potential. Of course, with the development of the coating industry today, it is more and more difficult to research and develop new products, but enterprises must create a unique brand image in order to set up a banner for brand promotion

nowadays, many enterprises look to planning companies for brand planning and brand positioning, which often confuse the concepts of brand packaging and brand positioning. If only a concept is proposed, but cannot effectively guide product research and development, channel expansion and product sales, the so-called planning can only be called packaging. The real brand planning is at the strategic level. It is a systematic marketing behavior carried out by the brand around its positioning, which can effectively guide product development, advertising, investment promotion, product sales, etc., and then form a clear main line of gb/t8077 ⑵ 000 concrete admixture homogeneity experimental method, which runs through the whole marketing work

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