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The restaurant is a place for family to eat, and the feng shui of the restaurant is related to the harmony and health of the family; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos in decorating restaurants? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui taboos in restaurant decoration

what Feng Shui taboos do you have in restaurant decoration

1. Square or round tables should be selected

Chinese “ The sky is round and the place ” First, most of the objects people use in daily life are round and square. The round table is like the full moon on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, which symbolizes the reunion of a family of young and old, intimacy, and popularity. It can well set off the atmosphere of eating, and has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As for the square dining table, only four people can sit on the small one, which is called the four immortals table; The big one can seat eight people, also known as the eight immortals table, which symbolizes squareness and stability

2. The color of the dining table should be neutral

in terms of color, the color of the dining table should generally be neutral, and try to avoid using too bright and dazzling colors, preferably natural wood color, coffee color, black and other stable colors

3. The table should be clean and tidy

after eating, do not stack leftovers, sundries, etc. on the table; If tables and chairs are damaged, they should be replaced with new ones

4. The dining table should be made of wood

Feng Shui believes that the dining table in the restaurant should be made of wood, which comes from nature, is conducive to the absorption of the human body, and can give people solid support and relax

5. The size of the table should be moderate

the size of the table should match the number of people, and should not be too large or too small; Some people like luxurious style and buy extra large dining tables, but pay attention to the size ratio of dining tables to restaurants. If the area of the restaurant is not spacious, but the larger dining tables are placed, the situation of small tables in the hall will be formed, which will cause inconvenience to life. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the size ratio of the restaurant to the dining table is moderate, which not only facilitates access, but also greatly improves the feng shui of the restaurant

6. Don't have sharp corners on the dining table

the more sharp the angle is, the sharper the urination is, and the greater the lethality is, which is regarded as a taboo in Feng Shui. Because the triangular table will lead to family discord and affect the health of the family

7. The dining table should not be directly rushed by the door

the dining table is a place for a family to eat. It must be quiet and stable before they can enjoy three meals a day. If there is a door directly rushed, it will not only damage Feng Shui, but also make the family unwilling to eat; If the restaurant is multi-channel, it is like being in a whirlpool, and the whole body is not smooth. We should try our best to improve it

8. The dining table should not be directly flushed by the toilet door

the toilet is regarded as “ Out of filth ” Therefore, the more hidden it is, the better. If it is facing the table, it often leads to poor health of family members. If the dining table is in direct contact with the toilet door, it is best to move the dining table to another position. If it is really impossible to remove, put a small water plate in the middle of the dining table, and soak the iron tree head or Kaiyun bamboo with water, so as to dissolve it

what are the Feng Shui taboos in decorating the restaurant

the first trick pattern

from the Feng Shui perspective, the restaurant, like other rooms, should have a square pattern without missing corners or protruding corners. Rectangular or square pattern is the best and the easiest to decorate

second move location

the restaurant should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Such a layout can enhance the harmony of the relationship between parents and children. The restaurant should not be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, because the good luck of the restaurant will be suppressed

third trick decoration

part of the energy of the family comes from the food. As the restaurant is the eating area, it has a lot to do with the wealth of the family. The restaurant should be decorated with bright colors and bright lighting to increase the energy of fire and accumulate Yang Qi. Placing plants here can enhance Yang Qi and wealth

The restaurant should be in the center of the house, but not directly to the front door or back door. There are also some structural problems that should be avoided. For example, if it is a middle floor design, the restaurant should be located upstairs; The windows on the left and right walls of the restaurant should not be directly opposite, because the gas will enter from one window and exit from the other, so it cannot gather gas, which is detrimental to the gas transportation of the house. Avoid using the space adjacent to the toilet as a restaurant. If it is difficult to avoid, the table should be as far away from the toilet as possible

the fifth move is the combination of yin and Yang

the restaurant is arranged into a space with a balance of yin and Yang, but slightly sunny. In order to increase Yang Qi, it is better not to put Yin objects such as ancestral portraits or antique furniture in the restaurant. Too much Yin Qi is harmful to family fortune. On the other hand, excess Yang will cause family disharmony

the sixth poison arrow

sharp corners and beams and columns will emit evil Qi. Use furniture and bonsai to dissolve corners, and avoid sitting under the beam. If it is unavoidable, you can hang two bamboo Xiao on the beam with a red rope. The bamboo Xiao is opposite at a 45 degree angle, and the Xiao mouth is facing down, so that the evil Qi can be dissolved. Another method is to install elevation lamps, which direct the beam of the house

seventh move best table shape

the shape of the table has important Feng Shui significance. The dining table should be round or oval, avoiding sharp corners. It symbolizes the prosperity and unity of family business. If you use a square dining table, you should avoid sitting in the corner of the table to avoid being rushed by the evil spirit

the eighth lucky number

the number of seats at the table also has an impact on family luck. Theoretically, six, eight and nine are all lucky numbers belonging to Yang. Although the number of diners at home is fixed, it can be used to decide how many guests to invite at the banquet

the ninth auspicious side

every member of the family should sit towards one of the four auspicious sides of the fatwa when eating [see introduction]. Adjust the seat of the person responsible for making a living at home and let him sit in the angry direction. Mother should sit in the direction of prolonging life, because it represents family and happiness. The children in school are best to face the crouching position, which has the effect of prosperous culture and prosperity. If the elders of the family sit in front of the natural medicine, they can maintain their health for a long time

tenth trick mirror

install a mirror in the dining area to reflect the food on the table, which has the effect of doubling wealth. This is the only place in the home where you can hang a mirror to reflect the food. Other places such as the kitchen must not hang a mirror, because it will lead to accidents or fires

the eleventh mascot

the restaurant is suitable for placing the three immortals of wealth, wealth and longevity, symbolizing wealth, health and longevity. In addition, pictures of fruits and food will also bring good luck. Oranges represent wealth, peaches represent longevity and health, and pomegranates represent many children and grandchildren

twelfth trick tableware

Chinese people are used to eating with chopsticks and spoons. Avoid using sharp knives and forks to prevent shock. Bowls and plates are usually decorated with mascots such as dragons, bats or peaches. Chinese people like to drink tea after meals to remove greasiness

13th trick table manners

quarreling during eating is both impolite and unlucky. Meal time is a time for families to get together. Only when families are happy can family fortunes flourish. If there is an elder dining together, be sure to ask the elder to use it first. This is not only polite, but also has the meaning of blessing the younger generation

what are the Feng Shui taboos about restaurant decoration

first, the feng shui design taboo of restaurant

1. The feng shui design of restaurant should not be mixed and matched

nowadays, the spirit of mixing and matching is popular. The unique flavor of the combination of two different styles is the favorite of young people who pursue personality. However, it is necessary to avoid mixing and matching of various styles. The seemingly simple mix and match design contains design skills. Laymen do not know the essence of it. It is easy to mix and match into chaos, but decorate the restaurant unevenly

2. Avoid blue in restaurant feng shui design

blue has tropical style in modern design. But it is not suitable for use in restaurants or kitchens. The food on the blue table or mat is always not as appetizing as the warm environment;; At the same time, do not install incandescent lights or blue mood lights in the restaurant. Scientific experiments have proved that blue lights will make food look unattractive and affect appetite. Therefore, blue should not be used as the main color in restaurant design

3. Too many spotlights should not be used in restaurant feng shui design

restaurant spotlights are generally used for decoration, but too many spotlights in restaurants turn into people shooting, which is easy to make people feel dizzy. Some restaurants choose to shoot the spotlight on the table, thinking that under the light, the dishes are more delicate. If oneortwo spotlights are acceptable, don't focus on a large scale, make the table dazzling, and don't eat if you want to eat

II. Feng Shui taboos in restaurant decoration

1. Feng Shui taboos in restaurants are facing the dark side

generally, it is better for restaurants to face the sun. For example, if the restaurant faces the south, the South has plenty of light, but if there is a refrigerator in the restaurant, it is advisable to face the North instead

2. Feng Shui in restaurant decoration should not be connected with the kitchen

Feng Shui taboo in restaurant decoration. The location of Chinese restaurant should be separated from the kitchen, because the kitchen has a large amount of oil smoke, and there are also many bacteria breeding. If it is not separated, it is easy to pollute food, and the oil smoke will also affect the eating environment

3. Don't decorate the restaurant directly below the bathroom

don't decorate the bathroom directly above the restaurant. It's the place where the family eats. The bathroom is the place where they excrete filth. There are heavy periods and filthy gas. Sitting down for dinner will make people feel unintentional and affect their appetite. This pattern is not conducive to the health of family members, but also affects family luck

4. Feng Shui in restaurant decoration should not be too dark or harsh lighting

restaurant decoration lighting is too dark, which will affect the dining atmosphere and appetite. If the restaurant lighting is dazzling, it is not conducive to normal meals. Therefore, good restaurant lighting should be soft. Generally, yellow is more appropriate. Yellow is a color that can stimulate people's appetite. It is also conducive to creating a warm environment and deepening the emotional exchanges of family members

5. Feng Shui in restaurant decoration should not use mosaics in a large area

mosaics are generally used in toilets, giving people a clean and tidy appearance, but if used in restaurants, it is the opposite. Mosaics that always appear in toilets, kitchens and other places have been given certain labels. Eating in a restaurant with mosaics always reminds people of the bathroom while eating





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