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The use of low price promotion has been one of the commonly used methods among door and window agents, which is closely linked with the broad domestic consumers who like to seek cheap and preferential prices. With the continuous growth of the national economy, everyone's income and water products have also improved. Therefore, there is a higher search for the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, which does not mean that high-quality doors and windows can be sold in the market. When the rational consciousness of consumers is truly constituted, the era of "quality" of door and window agents will come

in this era, cheap goods are always the object of delight of the masses. We can't deny that seeking concessions is a common sight in China. For example, when most consumers purchase doors and windows, their thinking must be to buy cheap and high-quality doors and windows; Therefore, in such a market environment, the strategy of door and window agents must change with the trend. However, the society is changing day by day, and the market development will not always stagnate. Before these trends come, it is necessary for door and window agents to prepare for this and welcome change

rationality is the arrival of the age of quality

for current consumers, good and cheap goods are more attractive; As for door and window agents, although the quality should continue to be the ultimate, after all, high quality also requires high capital investment. As for door and window agents, slow innovation may be safer. Because at a time when the economic outlook is uncertain, no one can estimate the magnitude of the danger. Slowing down is a good way to carry out. Therefore, door and window agents also need to lay a solid foundation and gradually improve. Judging from the current situation, low-cost goods that fit the masses can continue, and the path of medium and high-end goods needs to be gradually mature

door and window agents should not blindly seek speed in the process of development, and forget the original intention of the foundation. The same is true in the door and window industry. Only when the rationality of consumers comes, the quality era of door and window agents will shine




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