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In recent years, the situation of home building materials shopping malls is not very good, which has become a recognized fact. The external environment is not very optimistic. It is reasonable for aluminum alloy door and window brand companies to seek new impetus for development from within, and cost control naturally becomes the top priority. When the aluminum alloy door and window brand company completes the precision management, it may complete the strongest internal capital equipment optimization, and have more strength to oppose the risks from market competition on the basis of stability

capital usually determines the survival of the company

the intention of aluminum alloy door and window brand companies to engage in production and operation is to achieve the maximization of profits. For most companies today, those with small profits still need to complete rapid expansion, and it is difficult to survive without low-cost operation. It can be said that cost determines survival. The intention of capital control is to continuously reduce the capital and obtain greater profits. When formulating the policy capital, we should first consider the company's earnings policy, and also consider the competitive sales price

cost control is to reduce projects and missions with unclear policies. When the company's policies are clear, each project and mission serves to complete the policies; We should clarify the cost and mission of each part, first measure and calculate the maximum amount of each expense, then implement the horizontal differentiation to each part, and implement the vertical differentiation to the group and itself, and link it with rewards and punishments

strengthen the handling and improve the teamwork

both service orders and production orders have a process of order completion, and the production and operation system cannot be separated from the collaborative operation of all parts of the company. No matter how strong the production ability of the company is, if there is no promotion part to receive orders, what will it take to produce? On the contrary, no matter how strong the ability of the promotion part to receive orders is, without the cooperation of the production part, what is the use of receiving orders? Aluminum alloy door and window brand companies need to tie orders with the R & D part, improve the understanding that the R & D part focuses on reality and shopping malls, and enhance the consistency and coordination of various systems. As long as we strengthen teamwork, we can complete the optimized equipment of capital

internal encirclement seeks to be more cost-effective

aluminum alloy door and window brand companies should complete internal encirclement, make the best use of capital, and achieve more economy and efficiency. This should be carried out around two principles: first, eliminate the operations that do not add value, eliminate the activities that cannot add value, and eliminate the methods that capital uses power to waste power; The second is to quickly respond to the shopping malls, transform the existing equipment and select advanced skills for production according to the actual needs, and improve production together to prevent unnecessary capital and skills from being wasted




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