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For most owners who come into contact with decoration for the first time, doing a good job in the decoration scheme and quotation in the early stage is conducive to the preparation of funds, and at the same time, it can avoid the occurrence of problems such as additional items, omissions and budget overruns to a certain extent. Recently, Ms. Li asked through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network that she has a small apartment of 60 square meters in her home that needs to be started after the year. She wants to consult the decoration quotation in advance. According to the current decoration market in Wuhan, what is the decoration budget of 60 square meters? The following editor will tell you

scan the QR code and follow the official Weibo of sina of Wuhan home decoration website. Private letters enjoy a decoration cash deduction worth 3000 yuan ~

[the decoration requirements of a 60 square meter house in Wuhan are as follows]

structure: two bedrooms and two living rooms

decoration method: half package

decoration style: Modern and simple

[Wuhan 60 square meters modern simple decoration effect picture display]

[Wuhan 60 square meters decoration budget quotation sheet]

[Wuhan 60 square meters decoration budget details]

Project 1: basic engineering

shoveling the wall skin (gypsum ash) 1000.00

wall/ground cement mortar leveling 750.00

door pocket base (Blockboard) 350.00

demolition of brick wall (120 mm) 105.00

demolition of brick wall (240 mm) 500.00

masonry wall opening 444.00




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