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Chile discusses importing shale gas from the United States

Chile discusses importing shale gas from the United States

May 23, 2014

[China paint information] in order to cope with the increasingly serious energy crisis in recent years and change the single energy structure of oil and coal, Chile begins to explore importing shale gas from the United States

on May 20, Pacheco, the Minister of energy of Chile, met with poneman, the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of energy, talking about the above possibilities and stressing the need to deepen cooperation in the energy field between the two sides

Chile has faced an energy crisis since 10 years ago because the growth of power demand is greater than investment. This has also resulted in high electricity costs for enterprise production and people's lives, seriously affecting the competitiveness of enterprises, especially the mining industry, the engine of Chile's economic growth. To this end, with the joint action of market and policy, President libachelet announced the annual energy action plan on the 15th of this month, seeking to actively promote energy development and investment diversification

in the meeting between the heads of the energy departments of the tensile test of the two countries, the United States said to Chile that at present, natural gas power generation accounts for 30% of coal power generation in the domestic energy supply of the United States. At the same time, the development of shale gas is also introduced. Now most deformation units adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter, and it is ready to officially export liquefied natural gas in 2015. Deputy Minister poneman also confirmed that during President Bachelet's visit to the United States at the end of June, U.S. energy secretary ernestmoniz will meet with Chile's energy minister and sign a bilateral energy cooperation statement

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