The hottest one stole 110000 yuan of wires and sol

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Stealing 11000 yuan of wires as scrap sold more than 2000 yuan 5 electricians were arrested

original title: stealing 11000 yuan of wires as scrap sold more than 00 yuan of 20 wood-based panel universal experimental machine fixture 5 electricians were arrested

● time: August

● location: Longgang

● people: Longgang police, 5 workers

● Abstract: five electricians of a construction team saw several unused wires on the outer wall of the building next to them during construction, and became obsessed with money, After stealing six wires worth more than 10000 yuan twice, the wires were sold as waste. Recently, Longgang police followed the line and arrested five suspects involved

at about 14:30 on August 10, the Xinsheng police station of Longgang Public Security Branch received an alarm from the power supply department, saying that six copper wires with a total length of about 150 meters and a total value of about 11000 yuan were stolen from two alleys in wayaokeng, Longgang Wulian community. The police continuously retrieved the case that the current passing through the thermal elements in the thermal cycle was too high, analyzed and judged the surveillance videos at the scene and around, and found that in early August, the inspectors of the wayaokeng industry in Wulian community believed that several workers of a construction team who carried out the installation of street lights were suspected of committing a major crime. At about 12:00 on August 19, the police tracked down and arrested ye and Yuan suspected of theft in Chiwei village, Longdong community, Longgang District. After trial, ye and Yuan confessed to the crime of stealing electric wires together with three other workers of the construction team. At about 14:30 that day, Zhang, yuan and Zhang, the other three suspects involved in the east window incident, surrendered to the Xinsheng police station

originally, five people, including ye and yuan, were electricians hired by the construction team. During the construction of the street lamp project in Longgang Wulian wayaokeng on August 4, with professional electrician knowledge, they found that there were two wires on the outer wall of the south 2nd Lane of wayaokeng next to them, although they were live, but they were not connected to the users. They thought that the "not used" status would not affect the improvement of the resource and environmental cost of enterprise production and operation. Even if they were cut, no one would know, So the partners cut off the two wires and wrapped the ends of the wires with electric tape to prevent leakage, thinking that no one would find them in a short time. Subsequently, the proceeds from the sale of stolen goods were 875 yuan, and each person received 175 yuan. On August 8, five people who tasted the "sweetness" found that there were four unused wires on the outer wall of the fourth lane in the south of wayaokeng. After cutting four wires, they got 1800 yuan from the sale of stolen goods and 360 yuan per person. It is understood that ye and other five people are professional electricians, and their salary income is not low. However, in the face of petty profits, the five people took chances, thinking that they were professional and did it seamlessly. Unexpectedly, they were smart and were mistaken by smart. Afterwards, the five regretted their momentary financial obsession

at present, five people including ye and Yuan have been criminally detained, and the case is under further trial

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