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Fighting against the environment, it is a strong one - Siemens SINAMICS V10 frequency converter

frequency converters have been widely used in China, including fans, pumps, mechanical loads, conveyor belts, hoists, etc. almost all fields that use motors can see the existence of frequency converters. When the application of a product begins to become popular and popular, for most users, the use value pursued will also shift from the initial technology and function orientation to some more practical links:

ease of use: from learning, use to installation, the simpler (humanized) the better

durability: low failure rate, not only in theory and design, but also able to withstand the use level and environment of public users

maintenance free: low failure rate is naturally the fundamental to reduce the maintenance rate. On the other hand, once there is a problem, it is best to solve it quickly, simply and cheaply, rather than enter the cumbersome and unknown maintenance links

in terms of practical relevance, ease of use and durability are both components of "price". If these aspects are done well, it will undoubtedly reduce the learning and maintenance costs of users

Ms. Xiao Fang from the standard transmission Department of Siemens (China) industrial automation and drive technology group also agreed. During the conversation, I also really felt that its new SINAMICS V10 inverter ( showed a lot of catering to and agreement with the demand trend of mass users. It is rare for many foreign manufacturers to deepen the "localization" to a real understanding of the needs of local users and reflect it in their products

right: Xiao Fang of standard transmission department left: Li Yufeng, editor in chief of Meer automation

strong resistance as a rock - "-20%~+20% electro dynamic adaptability" and "IP21 protection level"

"The electrical environment is complex, and the fluctuation of -5% to + 5% is very common in the industrial environment. For this fluctuation, manufacturers usually take -10% to + 10% as the design standard of frequency converter to deal with the fluctuation, and individual products can reach -15%~15%. However, if we carefully investigate the electrical environment of mass users, the situation is often much worse than the theoretical assumption. In reality, there are many cases of frequency converter failure caused by this. Therefore, SINAMICS V10 will fluctuate The bearing range of is adjusted to -20% - 20%. It not only stands out among many manufacturers, but also effectively reduces the failure rate caused by this. For mass users, Undoubtedly, it is a more appropriate choice, "Ms. Xiao Fang said in the interview.

"In addition to being able to adapt to wider radio waves, SINAMICS V10 also has a series of features to strengthen its adaptability to the environment: 150% overload capacity; wide temperature design; IP21 protection grade. It is worth mentioning that the protection grade of IP21 can prevent liquid from dripping vertically into the converter and some large particles from entering the converter. For harsh working occasions such as textile, flour, cement, coal, material processing, its durability can be improved To have a significant improvement. "

ip21 protection level description

careful design - "through wall installation" and "removable external panel"

"air cooling is a common cooling method for frequency converters, but with the air coming and going is not only heat, but also dust. Thick dust accumulation is often a natural phenomenon after long-term use, but also a common potential cause of frequency converter damage. If you adopt natural cooling without fan, this problem can be solved naturally (except for SINAMICS V10 a, B, C and D, the title of the article updated today is the working principle of digital universal experimental machine. In the shape size, a power from 0.55 to 1.5KW is fan free air cooling, and B, C and D are forced air cooling), but this is not a fundamental way to improve. Therefore, SINAMICS V10 can be installed through the wall to solve such problems. Through separation, the air-cooled unit is fixed outside the cabinet, but the intensity is very high. It is necessary to introduce cooling air into the cabinet, so it is easy to keep the converter clean. "

through wall installation diagram

"in work, sometimes it is necessary to adjust some control parameters. It is normal to open the cabinet door and use the operation panel. Although things are small, it is also troublesome, and it also increases the opportunity for dust to pollute the interior of the cabinet. Therefore, in SINAMICS V10, an operation panel that can be installed on the cabinet door is specially designed, which is much more convenient."

schematic diagram for the use of the detachable operation panel

in addition, SINAMICS V10 uses standard wiring terminals on the terminals, which makes the wiring very convenient. At the same time, the power wiring terminals are marked with graphics, which eliminates the problem of confusion in identification

really out of the box - built-in connection mode

"With powerful functions, it often means that the configuration is complex, and it requires a strong technical learning process to use. For this, SINAMICS V10 has made a fundamental improvement in the knowledge of the coherent utilization of fixtures. There are ten common use modes of frequency converters built-in c1~c10, and the set parameters can enable users to quickly enter the use state without debugging data one by one, so that they can really use it out of the box."

"in addition, SINAMICS V10 has optimized the 1LG0 motor under Siemens. If the corresponding 1LG0 motor is selected, no parameters need to be set."

eliminate worries at home - local support and repair free replacement

"the quickness and convenience of technical support mainly depends on the degree of localization. In this regard, sinamicv10 is very in place, from technical materials, training tutorials, operation panels are in Chinese. And the relevant agents have received sufficient and professional training, which is enough to answer common use and technical problems."

"within 18 months of the maintenance warranty period, sinamimcs V10 can be replaced in case of failure within the scope of normal use. This authority has been delegated to the agent, so as to ensure the rapid response to the replacement of faulty parts."

"in essence, technical support and after-sales service can be done in depth, which is based on the degree of localization. SINAMICS V10 is designed to meet the needs of China and is produced by Siemens numerical control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (SNC). This in-depth localization is the fundamental reason for the agility and flexibility of follow-up services."

comments: observing the characteristics of SINAMICS V10, we can find that its excellence is often in many common details. This kind of improvement may not require very advanced technology, but it requires an appropriate understanding and attention to the needs of users. It is difficult to participate in the carbon and nitrogen cycle of the ecosystem because it is user-oriented and easy to know

suddenly, I feel that SINAMICS V10 is actually like an ordinary member of an automation engineer in character, rigorous, simple and intrinsic, sometimes flashing wisdom

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