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A kilo of vegetables and half a kilo of fruits detection instrument adds a lock to people's health

may 12-18 is the national nutrition week, which measures the wear spots of three steel balls in the oil box. The theme of this year's national nutrition week is "reasonable diet, daily vegetables and fruits, healthy you and me". According to the China Nutrition Association, in recent years, the overall intake of vegetables and fruits of Chinese residents is insufficient, so experts suggest that a person should eat enough vegetables and fruits of one kilogram and half a kilogram every day

the national nutrition week was founded in 2015, and was officially included in the national nutrition plan (year) in July 2017, which has become an important measure to implement healthy China. This activity aims to popularize nutrition knowledge to the public, promote the improvement of healthy lifestyle, and improve the scientific response of the public as the first person to health. Heavy metal pollution in soil has also attracted much attention. According to experts, vegetables and fruits can provide the human body with daily essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, plant compounds and other nutrients, and are an important part of a reasonable diet. Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables will increase the incidence rate and mortality of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc

as an important source of human energy, food plays a very important role. Food must provide enough energy and vitamins to meet the consumption of the human body. If the intake is insufficient or excessive, it will easily lead to weight loss or obesity, and even various health problems. From not having enough to eat, to eating well, and then to eating healthy, people's requirements for food intake are constantly improving, and the food on the table is also personalized. People who want to be slim choose to eat less oil and low calorie food, and people who want to increase muscle pay attention to the intake of high protein food. Patients with diabetes and hypertension pay attention to whether the food on the table is less sugar and salt, and people begin to selectively arrange the food on the table

in order to ensure food safety and let people know more about the ingredients of food, many countries in the world have stipulated that food should be marked with a nutritional composition table. In China, we can also see the nutritional composition table on the outer packaging of most food. Among them, the food nutrition label testing items mainly include: energy, protein, moisture, fat, sodium, etc. people can have a clearer understanding of the composition of food according to the food label. With the increase of people's awareness of food health through the measurement of beam displacement and the installation of deformation measurement, detection instruments will be used more and more widely in the future

it is not easy to accurately analyze the components of food, which involves many detection instruments and technologies. For example, Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen determinator, automatic Soxhlet extractor, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer, stable gas isotope mass spectrometer and other instruments are useful for detecting vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other components in infant formula foods and organic acids, polyols, cordycepin, adenosine, ginsenoside Total flavonoids, melatonin, proanthocyanidins, allicin, aloin and other components were detected

in addition, these instruments are equipped with external equipment such as elements, gas phase and liquid phase, and can also detect high-end detection instruments such as isotope ratios of H, C, O, N and S elements in food). At present, in China, many food institutes have been conducting research on food nutrition and have accumulated a lot of testing experience

the use of detection instruments can make people more aware of the composition of food and better determine the daily intake. For some red food, the use of detection instruments can also make people's food safety more guaranteed. At the same time, with the implementation of the food traceability system, food testing is conducive to the formation of a complete data chain to better protect human safety. For food testing instrument enterprises, the future will also usher in greater development space and market

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