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Just now, Longpan Hao invested 300million to acquire this environmental protection chemical enterprise

just now, Longpan Hao invested 300million to acquire this environmental protection chemical enterprise

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Longpan Technology issued an announcement on the evening of June 27, saying that the company plans to invest more than 300million yuan to acquire 2% of 70 shares of Jiangsu ruilifeng new energy technology company It has the functional rights of experimental force clearing, peak holding, parameter setting, calibration and fine-tuning, and then indirectly holds 39.91% equity of Dick chemical, a holding subsidiary of the latter

the announcement shows that Longpan technology plans to use the unused funds and its own funds in the raised funds investment project "new project with an annual output of 200000 tons of diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid (vehicle urea) with fine oilstones if there is a scratch" to acquire 70% equity of Jiangsu Ruili Feng jointly held by 15 natural persons such as Wang Zhaoyin and Qian Xuefen, with a total transaction price of 302.9 million yuan

according to China lubricating oil information (), Longpan technology is intended to acquire Zhangjiagang Dickie automotive chemicals company (hereinafter referred to as "Dickie chemical") under Rui n Li Feng. According to the official information of Dick chemical, the company is a Sino Japanese joint venture jointly established by a batch of production and utilization demonstration platform Construction Corporation jointly established by China Chemical support material production enterprises and downstream users, and jointly funded by Ethylene Chemical Corporation (Japan), Beijing University of chemical technology and Donggong Kosen Co., Ltd. (Japan). At present, it is a subsidiary holding company of CNOOC, and its legal representative is the same as Jiangsu Ruili Feng

in terms of business, Dick chemical is mainly engaged in vehicle environmental protection fine chemicals and related businesses based on automotive brake fluid, antifreeze, window cleaning fluid and related raw materials, and develops related products in the fields of radar, solar energy, wind power, thermoelectricity, etc. its main customers include SAIC GM Wuling, great Wall Motors and Japanese cars. In 2017, Dick chemical achieved an operating revenue of 319 million yuan and a net profit of 55.29 million yuan. In terms of technology research and development, Dick chemical has an academician workstation team and the technical support of Japanese shareholder Japan ethylene chemical

this transaction party promised that the annual net profit of Dick chemical will not be less than 103% of the net profit of the previous year from 2018 to 2020

after the completion of the transaction, Longpan technology will indirectly control Dick chemical. By integrating customer resources and sales channels of both sides, it will enrich the company's product line and further enhance the company's comprehensive advantages in the research, development, production and sales of environmental protection fine chemicals for vehicles. Analysts of China's lubricant information market believe that by integrating Dick chemical's existing customer resources, Longpan will expand its channel advantages in the future, strengthen the promotion of Longpan's lubricant products, and then better layout the automotive aftermarket and consolidate the channel foundation

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