The hottest one is to find someone. This brother w

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Find someone, find someone, find someone! This brother who tattooed XCMG crane on his body, please contact us quickly

work in a profession, love in a profession

fans in a profession, crazy in a profession

recently, there was a tattoo on the crane body of the first person in the hoisting industry, which set off a tattoo wind in the hoisting circle

broad arms, stocky arms, like Xu Gongjin, are reassuring

the pictures come from the network, such as invading and deleting

putting millions of dollars worth of software on the body mainly by users who set relevant safety parameters according to experimental projects and requirements

the explosive safety all-around provides color collection design for the majority of manufacturers A complete set of solutions for material development and molding technology in one body: overflow the screen

domineering figure, give up my spirit

one word: handsome

I've seen the one who tattooed the name of his daughter-in-law on his body

I've seen the one who tattooed the portrait of the God of wealth on his body

I've seen the one who tattooed the printing machine on my body. The development of the cluster means that I can share more resources.

this brother is really a model.

Xu Gongjin's weight in the hearts of the people is self-evident.

respect this brother, who can start from a production line, dare to think, dare to work.

a firm choice

dear hoisters and fans

please contact us quickly

in addition to the charming arms

let's see your handsome face

XCMG crane model is here for you

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