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Millions of small Adam interprets the wisdom of iota

2010, which is definitely an unusual year for Advantech

first of all, Advantech formally established the IOT strategy with the push of smart earth as its mission in 2010, and regarded it as its mission to fully promote the IOT industry and its innovative applications. This also means that in the next 15 year strategic period of drawing corresponding animation curves and physical imitation, Yanhua's market layout and product planning will take this strong industrial wave as the main direction

another event welcomed by Advantech in 2010 is also exciting. The total global sales of Adam data acquisition module, Advantech's most popular classic series product, is about to exceed onemillion. These two events seem to be independent of each other, but in fact they are closely linked. It can be said that it is the successful application of millions of Adam modules that has laid a very important foundation for Advantech's grand IOT concept

how does a small ADAM module interpret the great wisdom of IOT? Taking advantage of the opportunity of Shanghai Industrial Expo, I sat down with Ruan Beishan, Cai Qin and Zhang shouting, three managers from Advantech industrial automation group, and asked them to jointly answer this question

chemical composition of Advantech industrial automation (Ruan Beishan, product manager of quality score group, introduced Advantech's concept of IOT. He believed that IOT is not a strange concept created by the industry out of thin air, but a concept gradually derived from the accumulation of existing technology. Many applications of IOT are also derived from the refinement and sublimation of existing mature applications.

according to Ruan Beishan, IOT in a general sense is divided into perception layer, network layer and application layer. In fact, these three-tier architecture and The existing automation technologies are closely related. Mature products such as Advantech's Adam data acquisition module, industrial communication, industrial computer and configuration software have been integrated into the application of IOT at all levels. The work of Advantech is to further improve and plan based on these products, so that they can more meet the application needs of IOT in the future. Specifically, data acquisition and communication products are an important area that Advantech has focused on at present

Adam series data acquisition module is the leading product of Advantech data acquisition. Although Advantech industrial automation is still used on some occasions, group product business manager zhangshouting said: the million applications of Adam products today reflect the strong popularity and vitality of this product; As a representative product of Advantech's underlying data acquisition and transmission, Adam will play an important role in the application of IOT sensing layer

in fact, Adam data acquisition module is very familiar to many users in the industrial control industry. This product, which has gone through 18 years of evolution, is the first work of decentralized data acquisition module in the field of industrial control, and it is also the representative of innovative products of Advantech at that time. Today, Adam products have evolved into many families, but the unique appearance of its blue shell with green terminals has not changed, and has become a classic scenic spot in the industrial control industry

talking about the evolution of Adam, Caiqin, product business manager of Advantech industrial automation business group, was not without emotion. She introduced that Adam brand has been experiencing innovation and development since its birth. The continuous transformation process of Adam has also made its application technology continue to lead the market, and today it can also glow with infinite vitality under the trend of IOT

looking at the development of Adam, we can see that from ADAM-4000 series supporting traditional RS-485 to adam-6000 series leading the trend of industrial Ethernet data collection, to the new version of adam-6000 products with graphical logic control and point-to-point function, as well as adam-4100 series specially meeting the harsh industrial environment, as well as new Adam products supporting ethernet/ip real-time Ethernet protocol. According to Ruan Beishan, Advantech's new Adam products that support WSN wireless modules have also been met with users at Advantech's booth. Advantech will soon launch a more powerful adam-2000 series to further expand Adam's wireless family

obviously, it is the continuous evolution of Adam for the purpose of adapting to market demand over the years that enables it to be widely used in a wide range of applications from old to new and in different environments, and also creates a miracle that its sales volume has exceeded one million and is everywhere. Cai Qin said that in fact, Adam series is compact, compact and ubiquitous. These two kostron also adopt PU foam to insulate the battery, which is exactly in line with the development direction of IOT sensing layer products in the future

when taking this opportunity to further explore Advantech's Adam products' compliance with the cutting-edge R & D direction of IOT, Ruan Beishan revealed that Advantech will integrate some upper and lower end functions into Adam products in the future, so as to greatly expand its application scope, such as building all modules such as sensors, power supply, wireless communication into Adam products, so as to make it evolve into a miniaturized, intelligent and high environmental adaptability module, Moving closer to the terminal of the idealized perception layer in the Internet of things

millions of small Adam can interpret the great wisdom of IOT. Let's wait and see the wonderful prospect

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