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Chile has invested in two photovoltaic power generation projects with a total installed capacity of 183mw

the Chilean Environmental Assessment Commission approved two thermostatic timers located on the right side of Atacama with a total installed capacity of 18 to start timing 3MW solar photovoltaic power generation projects

the Ministry of energy of Chile announced the news in a statement on October 16. It is said that the two new projects with installed capacity of 162mw and 21mw respectively fully comply with the existing environmental laws and regulations, and the project developer must complete the project construction within five years

The Diego del Almagro project with a value of

162mw is worth $420million and is supported by EVOH, a branch of Andes mainstream spa, a Chilean branch of mainstream renewable power, as a high barrier material. According to the plan, the power station, located in chanyaral Province, will be composed of 579000 polysilicon photovoltaic modules, covering an area of 354 hectares. The power generated by the project will be imported into Chile's central interconnection power transmission

at the same time, the 21mw canto del Agua project will be built in the city of bayenar as planned. The project cost is expected to be $90million, and canto del Agua spa, a developer in Santiago and a subsidiary of Spanish energy company abantia, will be responsible for the construction

according to the power station data submitted to the Chilean Environmental Assessment Commission, the canto del Agua project will consist of 75264 photovoltaic modules, 784 single axis tracking devices and 42 inverters, and the generated power will be input into SiC for transmission. (compiled by: Owen) China glass () department

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