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Approaching the 12345 call center operator during the festival

12345, ask the government for something. The 12345 government service of Jinshan City has long been familiar to the general public. 12345 there are 40 telephone operators in the government service, which is a solid women's army. In the just concluded Spring Festival holiday, this year-round non-stop government service window is still waiting for everyone on the other side of the radio, with perseverance to fulfill its commitments to citizens

at 8 a.m. on the fifth day of the lunar new year, at the city's 12345 call center, the operator you Juan arrived on time to start the day's work, answering and returning calls. She had to do dozens of such procedures every day

happy new year, municipal government, what help do you need? OK, madam, don't worry. You don't have water at home now, do you? It really brings inconvenience to life. Where do you live. OK, please rest assured that we will contact the water company immediately. I hope the water company will contact you for maintenance as soon as possible. Please don't worry. Thank you for your call. I wish you a happy new year, Ms. Wang. Goodbye. One by one, you Juan began to transfer

you Juan is a post-90s generation. She just turned 22 after the end of her life. Two years ago, she joined 1234 cemented carbide bending experiment 5 call center and became a telephone operator. In her opinion, answering citizens has broad market prospects and handling people's demands, which is very consistent with her lively and cheerful personality. After more than two years of training, she has now grown into a service star. On the first day of the new year this year, she volunteered to take on the evening shift with her colleagues. The first day of the new year this year is the second spring festival that wangwanjie said I spent in my unit. It's worth it to provide services to the public during the Spring Festival

for more than two years, the water pipe of which household is frozen and the traffic light at which intersection is broken, especially anything has two sides. Juan has to face these trivial things every day, and record the troubles that the people can't do before and after running, and then hand them over to the departments one by one, and feed back to the telephone inquiry. Every link is indispensable

I have also received from some citizens, for example, when they encounter some problems in life, they are more emotional and sometimes depressed. When receiving this kind of work, we first need to appease the citizens. To do a good job is to learn to think in a different position and exchange our enthusiasm for the trust of the citizens. People's livelihood issues are coming from every corner of the city. At 12345 service center, there are 40 telephone operators like you Juan. Day after day, year after year, they use women's unique delicacy and patience to resolve the troubles of the masses

operator min Hui said that during the Spring Festival, we ensure that there are people on duty 24 hours a day. In the morning, noon and evening, we must ensure that there are more than 4 people answering the call. In the night shift, two people are on duty in turn. From the new year's Eve on February 7 to today, we have nearly 1500 connections

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