Chicago pneumatic launched a new friendly road cut

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Chicago pneumatic launched a new friendly road cutting saw

Chicago pneumatic launched a new friendly road cutting saw

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international construction equipment manufacturer Chicago pneumatic announced the launch of a new road cutting saw product to the Chinese market. Cscg450 new gasoline powered road cutting saw takes S-type sensor as an example. It is very user-friendly for operators, and is specially designed to provide clean, neat and stable cutting for concrete and asphalt floor cutting and maintenance applications

Chicago pneumatic launched friendly concrete and asphalt pavement cutting saw

the new pavement cutting saw is locally produced in Chicago pneumatic Tianjin factory. It is suitable for cutting asphalt and concrete pavement expansion joints. It can also be used to cut concrete and asphalt for road maintenance. As an alternative to jack hammer, its typical applications also include building floors and parking lots. The open structure design of the road cutting saw provides the best weight distribution, easy operation and maintenance features, and the integrated front indicator is used to ensure smooth cutting

cscg450 road cutting saw is an ideal choice for dry and wet concrete cutting, which can provide a maximum cutting depth of 150mm. In the ceramic, glass, and refractory industries, it actively carries out comprehensive treatment of furnace flue gas desulfurization, denitration, and dust removal and energy-saving and consumption reduction transformation. According to the specifications of operators, it can provide saw blades with two diameters of 350mm or 450mm. The cutting blade is also equipped with a protective cover, which adopts a new integrated design to prevent water from spraying onto the engine, and is easy to open without the use of a wrench

the new road cutting saw is specially built for the consideration of operators. It includes a highly adjustable handle and a user-friendly central control panel, which is equipped with a very convenient on/off switch, throttle control and depth control for optimizing ergonomics and ease of use. The handle of cscg450 road cutting saw can be adjusted to save space, and is equipped with an integrated central hook for convenient transportation. In order to be more comfortable to use, cscg450 is equipped with a powerful and reliable Honda GX390 engine with a maximum power of 8.2kw, and provides operators with a convenient recoil starter rope

in addition, the cscg450 is equipped with a high-performance poly V belt, which can accept greater torque without slipping, and is equipped with a reinforced belt shield to extend its service life. Other key features include a 30 high-strength plastic water tank with high durability and corrosion resistance, and a cross sprinkler system that provides constant cooling on both sides of the saw blade. An integrated oil drain pipe makes it easier for operators to change oil and keep their hands and machines clean and hygienic

about Chicago pneumatic

since 1901, the name of Chicago pneumatic has always represented the widely used high-performance tools and equipment. Chicago pneumatic provides a wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic and gasoline driven equipment, portable compressors and generators, light trucks, hydraulic accessories and compaction equipment for the construction and demolition industry. Through the global distributor network ----- Yan Bo, Associate Professor/doctor of Shanghai Jiaotong University mold CAD National Engineering Research Center, Chicago pneumatic provides global sales and service support to customers

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