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One pigeon technology and a number of well-known insurance companies gathered at the Asia Insurance Technology Conference

summit background

in 2020, a sudden COVID-19 ravaged the world, and the economic development of various countries encountered unprecedented systemic shocks, which continued to evolve into serious health events, economic events, social events and financial events. The outbreak of the epidemic has affected all walks of life to a certain extent, frozen tourism, catering and other industries, and affected the production and operation of each enterprise to varying degrees. The insurance industry withstood the pressure of the cold winter, gradually warmed up in the slow decline of the epidemic, and found new vitality in many dangers. Many market signals suggest that when traditional channels are blocked, technology + insurance may win detours. At present, the wave of innovation in the field of financial technology led by China has been affecting the entire Asian region. However, the insurance industry still faces many challenges when the stress at the right angle of digital breakthrough and scientific and technological innovation rises to enough to produce the initial tearing practice

in this context, in order to provide a platform for insurance companies and insurance technology companies to jointly exchange and discuss after the use of the insurance machine for a period of time, the second Asian insurance technology conference was grandly held in Beijing on August 20, 2020. The summit gathered around 300 insurance company executives and technical experts from insurance technology companies. With the theme of new thinking, new pattern and new future, the summit will jointly discuss a series of hot topics in the post epidemic era, such as insurance companies turning danger into opportunity, blockchain technology enabling digital transformation, deep cultivation of application scenarios, AI enabling insurance, the implementation practice of middle office and AI, insurance + medical building differentiated products and personalized services

theme sharing

in this grand exchange event where the recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer group and gather many insurance enterprise leaders and industry science and technology experts, Shenzhen Yige Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yige Technology) is an AI manufacturer that focuses on providing AI voice empowerment for the industry in the context of business communication, I am honored to be invited to participate in the theme sharing activities of this summit

Li Ning, general manager of Yige technology, with the theme of intelligent service and AI first behavior, discussed the value of artificial intelligence in all links of production and service of insurance enterprises, and shared the business scenarios and landing applications of Yige intelligent AI voice customer service solutions covering the insurance industry

president Li believes that risks and opportunities coexist, especially for the financial industry. This epidemic is like a microscope, which reflects the practice and thinking of the insurance industry in digital upgrading. It is urgent to transfer from human intensive to technology intensive. The intelligent voice customer service represented by artificial intelligence can replace the traditional manual help enterprises complete the business interaction with customers. The rapid development of intelligent voice interaction technology is breaking through people's imagination. Intelligent voice customer service is developing towards intelligent, anthropomorphic, simplified and mature technology and perfect service

one pigeon technology has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent voice interaction for four years, and has built an intelligent, personalized and customized AI voice customer service platform for many well-known enterprises. It has very mature experience in the construction of AI voice full stack solutions and projects in express logistics, bank insurance, including operators' businesses. With advanced AI technology, Yige empowers the production and service of the insurance industry. One pigeon intelligent voice customer service can penetrate into all links of the insurance industry, such as marketing, underwriting, underwriting, after-sales and so on. It can replace or help manually complete the business scenarios of incoming and outgoing calls, such as policy inquiry, incoming call consultation, renewal notice, call withholding, report notice and so on, reduce the investment of insurance enterprises in operation and labor costs, change the working methods of existing employees, simplify business processes, and improve work efficiency

exhibition area of the venue

during the exchange tea break after theme sharing, the booth of one dove technology also attracted many guests to stop at the exhibition area of the venue. The staff of one dove technology focused on the voice robot, voice assistant, seat assistant and other products of one dove for the senior executives of insurance enterprises attending the meeting, and made relevant operation demonstrations

award ceremony

this summit not only has the theme of sharing, but also in order to find innovative and influential technologies and enterprises, and encourage enterprises to create more customer value, the Organizing Committee of the summit specially held the award selection activities of the golden revolution award

in the golden revolution award ceremony, Yige technology, as an AI technology enterprise, won two awards with advanced AI voice technology and mature intelligent voice products, namely, excellent AI Supplier Award and best AI dark horse award

(the third on the right is general manager of Yige technology - Li Ning)

(the second on the right is general manager of Yige technology - Li Ning)

interview after the meeting

after the meeting, general manager Li was asked about the market space and development prospects of intelligent voice technology in the insurance industry in an interview with Phoenix Heyi media. President Li replied that in the insurance industry, there are hundreds of thousands of customer service personnel, and they have a lot of repetitive and simple work in the process of serving customers, which can be completely realized through artificial intelligence voice. Judging from the operation of our industry customers, using our products will greatly improve their overall efficiency. In addition, the overall cost will be reduced by at least half. Therefore, we believe that in the current industry situation, we should first analyze the reasons for the errors. Efficiency is a very important measure for enterprises to upgrade artificial intelligence. The products of Yige technology will play a very big role in the middle

the successful conclusion of this summit makes us more aware of the importance of technology. In this forced acceleration of insurance technology, Yige technology firmly believes that AI can bring very excellent and even disruptive innovation to insurance enterprises. Yige technology always adheres to the development of quality and value, and enables professional products to be implemented in every detail of the insurance business, in order to establish lasting trust with customers

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