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May 4 of the same year: struggling youth immortal youth

Abstract: "China's sleeping lion? When you smell it, it will flourish; China's disease? When you smell it, it will soar. Those who cover the youth, the soul of the country, 'morning bell' and friends of the youth. Young people should strive to be self respecting for the country."

ninety eight years ago today, a group of young people took to the streets, raised their arms and shouted, simply by virtue of their belief in Marxism and their indomitable will, they led the broken country at that time to today's prosperity and strength

when the torch of the May 4th movement is passed to our generation, will it still be as brilliant as it was 98 years ago

the definition of youth is controversial. Who is the youth?

in recent years, there have been constant disputes about how to define "Youth" in public opinion, and there have even been "data fights" in various versions of age division. The post-80s generation lamented the "old age crisis", the post-90s generation lamented that "people reach middle age", and the phenomenon of young people's "sighing old age" also caused concern. In the prime of life, why does the young generation sigh "premature aging"? Is it true that people in their 30s are no longer young? What is the confusion of the young generation

in fact, whether young, middle-aged or old, compared with the precise age distinction, it should refer to a person's living state and psychological state. "The post-90s say that they are old, not only for their age, but also for their psychological self mockery. This self mockery can also significantly reduce the emission of pollutants. Mockery comes from their inability to change some actual conditions." Indeed, in the face of rapid social changes, social competition has brought more opportunities, but in the face of numerous opportunities, many young people do not know how to grasp them

just do it when you think of it, that's all.

on the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a document that mobike and made the abetting light of the control box panel normal. Hu Weiwei, the founder and President of the bike, was selected into the 2017 list of "national upward good youth" by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and was rated as "good youth for innovation and entrepreneurship", which is also an affirmation of the development of mobike shared bike founded by Hu Weiwei in 2016

last year, mobike bicycle founded by Hu Weiwei detonated the field of shared bicycles, making bicycles return to mainstream urban life, and many shared bicycle platforms have sprung up. Mobike bike is not only favored by investors, but also favored by many users. It completed several rounds of financing in less than two years, attracting more than 20 investors to enter the market and becoming a unicorn enterprise that is widely expected. "Behind it is the heroism of the city, the connection between people, the revival of an urban lifestyle, and the possibility that everyone can change the city by riding."

huweiwei, the founder of mobike bicycle, is handsome and has some literary and artistic style. He will timidly talk about his ideal in public speeches. Years of career left her with the brand of idealism: she is good at sharing her original intention of choosing smart bike sharing to start a business, and a warm story about the interaction between people and cold cities; When the screen behind her lights up the urban operation hotspot map of mobike, she will clench her fist and wave, telling about the social value brought by mobike; When she heard that "Moby Hunter" spontaneously organized to crack down on uncivilized car use, she would be emotional

"2017 national good youth - good youth for innovation and entrepreneurship" gave her the following evaluation: practice the ideal of "returning bicycles to the city" and make short distance travel more convenient through scientific and technological innovation; She actively advocated a healthy, green and low-carbon lifestyle, industrialized this lifestyle, and actively integrated it into the operation system of sustainable cities; During the establishment of mobike bicycle, the mobile Internet + intelligent hardware technology adopted not only brings the practical application and development of animal Federation technology, but also helps the transformation and upgrading of domestic bicycle manufacturing industry

give young people a little space to grow up freely

some people believe that Internet has shortened the distance between people in this era, as well as the distance between advanced players and novices in the "life game". It automatically shields the costs paid by successful people and directly tells everyone what the result of success should be. Therefore, in the face of their peers who seem unable to reach the height, they are discouraged

therefore, eradicating the twilight that hangs over the society and lingers in the hearts of young people has become a key issue to be solved at present, which requires the society to open more opportunities to them, provide a fairer competitive environment and broader room for rise, make youth become capital rather than deficiency, and make the enterprising and energetic youth spirit become a social trend

"the spirit of the May 4th Movement" has been passed down from generation to generation

the May 4th movement created an unprecedented path of theoretical and practical innovation. This innovative spirit is reflected in practice that young intellectuals have no longer talked about theory, but have come to the forefront of the struggle, and have seen the great role of the working class in the practice of the struggle. Today, this is also the highest requirement for contemporary youth to be down-to-earth and dedicated to practical work and innovation

young people are the king of life, the spring of life, and the beauty of life. In two years, the May 4th Movement will celebrate its centenary. A century ago, a cry awakened the sleeping lion, and China rose step by step. Today, the spirit of the May 4th movement still shines on youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Ding Lei founded Yi at the age of 26, Ma Huateng founded Tencent at the age of 27, Zhang Chaoyang founded Sohu at the age of 32, and Ma Yun founded Alibaba at the age of 35. This year's Chinese Youth May 4th medal winner Liu Zihong has grown into an outstanding entrepreneur... There is rarely an era like today, when facing the downward pressure of the economy, young people have become the absolute main force of "Internet +", and countless exciting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship stories are being staged among every youth, This is the force that pushes China forward

seek directions from the historical mission of the 14 month construction period of the youth plan given by the times, encourage contemporary youth to integrate their personal ideals into the common ideals of the whole nation, and play a more exciting youth movement. This is our best memory of the May 4th Movement and the best inheritance of the spirit of the May 4th movement

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