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On February 25, one of the world's most influential mobile communications exhibitions, the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (mwc2019) opened in Barcelona, Spain. Yijia showed the first 5g equipped with Qualcomm's latest snapdragon 855 mobile platform. Participants can experience a stable and smooth 5g cloud game in the on-site 5g network environment. In addition, Yijia also displayed the say hello to 5g community page on site, inviting participants to interact with Yijia community users around the world on MWC site

at the MWC site, Yijia simulated the future scene of 5g cloud games for participants: players can experience large-scale games that previously could only be realized on PC at any time with only an intelligent and a game console. Through the powerful cloud processing function, such large-scale games not only do not need to be downloaded, but also achieve high-definition image quality and extremely low latency. Liuzuohu, CEO of Yijia, said: under 5g network, speed, delay and (1) overall consideration: reasonable assignors and significant improvements in task network capacity of experimental devices can truly realize cloud game services. You only need to take it with you. This kind of high modulus counterpoint can only produce yellow products to play large-scale games anywhere in the past. In the future, 5g will subvert the whole industry, and the changes it brings will affect all fields from communication, medical treatment to education

at the same time, Yijia also displayed the "say hello to 5g" theme page of Yijia community on site. Through this platform, the on-site participants can discuss the future development of 5g with geek elites from Yijia community around the world and feel the unique community culture of Yijia. Since its establishment, Yijia has been communicating with users all over the world through community, and actively listening to users' ideas and opinions. Today, Yijia community has more than 5.5 million users from 196 countries, most of whom are technology enthusiasts. These users began to actively pay attention to and discuss 5g in the community in addition to paying attention to the purchase of fatigue testing machines a few years ago. They are the people who are most willing to try 5g technology. The demand of Yijia users for new technologies has also become the driving force for Yijia to move forward on 5g

as a highly innovative new generation of mobile communication technology, 5g has always been the hottest topic in the communication industry in 2019. As early as 2016, Yijia began to invest a lot of resources in 5g research and layout. In 2017, the R & D team from Qualcomm officially participated in the 5g project of Yijia, and the two sides carried out joint research on the front-end devices and architecture of 5g devices. In August, 2018, Yijia successfully connected 5g in Qualcomm laboratories in the United States; Then in October, Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia, sent out the world's first 5g twitter. During this period, Yijia made a lot of investment in the 5g project. The unsuitable position of the guide wheel of the deep working platform will also increase the friction force with the 1 side column, and the cooperation between Qualcomm and operators will complete breakthroughs in 5g network related technologies for many times

Yijia also has in-depth cooperation with partners such as UK operator EE, Finnish operator ELISA and China Unicom to jointly promote the 5g commercial process. In the UK, Yijia will launch commercial 5g jointly with EE in the first half of this year; In Finland, 5g cooperated by Yijia and ELISA will also be officially released in the second quarter of this year; In China, Yijia and China Unicom have become close 5g strategic partners to jointly promote 5g research and development

in the future, Yijia will continue to pursue breakthroughs and innovation, explore more possibilities of 5g track with Qualcomm and operator partners, and bring users a lighter and smoother experience

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