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Wang Yixin visited Qi county's characteristic glass industry: glassware with a hundred flowers in bloom. "The municipal and county governments should adhere to market thinking, take the market and enterprises as the guidance, benchmark advanced and first-class, and really do a good job in the signboard of the practical cooperation zone. In June 2019, Qi County's glassware, which is also a key characteristic industry for the spacecraft to perform tasks in deep space, will be carried forward and built into a bright business card for Shanxi's manufacturing industry." On September 3, Wang Yixin, vice governor of Shanxi Province, pointed out during a special survey on the construction of the "the Belt and Road" (Qi county) small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cooperation zone

on July 10 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially approved the establishment of the "the Belt and Road" (Qi county) small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cooperation zone, which is the first national small and medium-sized enterprise Sino foreign cooperation zone named after the "the Belt and Road". On October 1 and 12, the second China glassware Expo and the "the Belt and Road" featured industrial products fair will be held in Qi county

Wang Yixin successively went to Qi to cultivate 3-5 optical film enterprises with global influence, such as county Honghai glass company, the "the Belt and Road" Cooperation Zone Planning Exhibition Hall, convention and Exhibition Center, and Qi county Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. to conduct research, and held symposiums to deeply understand the relevant situation and study and deploy relevant work

hanchunlin, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, lidonghong, director of the provincial small enterprise bureau, and other responsible comrades of relevant provincial departments attended. Chang Shuming, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Lian Jianhua, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC and Secretary General of the municipal government attended

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