Market analysis of the hottest inkjet printer

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Market analysis of inkjet printer

packaging is the largest market for inkjet application, and it is also the focus of competition among manufacturers. At the exhibition site, almost all major inkjet printer manufacturers attended the exhibition. Ink jet coding and laser coding are the two main coding methods. Which one is better or worse is becoming the hot spot of market competition between the two sides

there are 4. The replacement and loading and unloading of punches and samples are convenient. Different manufacturers have different views on the advantages and disadvantages of laser Rockwell hardness test schematic code and inkjet code

Huiquan inkjet equipment Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Hitachi inkjet machine in China. Qiuzhibin, the sales director, believes that the inkjet equipment industry is highly competitive, and there is little difference in the technical level between manufacturers at present. Laser coding has not been popularized, and has been adopted in cosmetics, beer and tobacco industries. Whether an enterprise adopts it mainly depends on its strength and whether it has this awareness

Han's laser specialty is committed to the research, development, production and sales of laser processing equipment. Wu Chujun, manager of Han's laser marketing department, believes that laser coding is being widely used in the packaging industry, and the current technology has been able to meet the needs of the packaging and printing industry. Compared with ink spray machine, it has the advantages of no consumables and no wear. It is an inevitable trend that laser replaces ink spray machine

Zhang Xiuchuan, general manager of konova company, is known as "the first person of inkjet printer in China". Zhang Xiuchuan, general manager, said that 10 years ago, it was predicted that the laser printer would replace the ink jet printer within 3-5 years. In fact, the latter has developed faster in recent years. In some cases, the laser printer cannot replace the ink jet printer, such as the cable printer. The use of the laser printer may damage the metal barrier layer. It should be said that laser and inkjet have their own key user groups, and there is no problem of mutual substitution

to meet different testing requirements, Lin Zhiya, sales manager of Guangzhou Branch of weidijie Electronics Co., Ltd. in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, also believes that inkjet still has its advantages, customers have different needs, and inkjet and laser inkjet have different customer groups

from the reality of coding technology and market development at home and abroad, inkjet coding and laser coding are both developing forward. At present, inkjet coding still occupies the largest market share. Relatively speaking, laser coding has the advantages of more environmental protection and no consumables, but inkjet coding has the characteristics of low equipment cost and wider application range. It is difficult to talk about who will replace who in the short term. The market competition between the two sides will be a long-term coexistence process

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