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2016 market analysis of food packaging

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core tip: with the continuous improvement of social living standards, people's requirements for food packaging are also increasing day by day, and the safety of food packaging materials is also directly related to food safety, Therefore, modern food packaging has put forward new ideas for the whole industry

[China Packaging News] with the continuous improvement of social living standards, people's requirements for food packaging are also increasing day by day. The safety of food packaging materials is also directly related to food safety. Therefore, modern food packaging has put forward new ideas for the whole industry

in the past, food packaging mostly stayed in the category of food "packaging". With the increasing diversification of consumer demand, food packaging began to integrate more functions. At present, consumers' requirements for food packaging tend to be high-quality and high-tech. composite packaging materials are transformed from production and operation, and food packaging that can meet new needs is launched. With the concept of "convenience, safety and fashion", it is favored by consumers

as an important part of commodities, food packaging is protecting food all the time, packaging materials have become the object of attention of consumers, and the use of green raw materials has become the main trend of the future development of the food packaging industry; For example, in recent years, in order to meet the requirements of the industry, the design of composite packaging materials for food packaging tends to be green, multifunctional and flexible. This biodegradable green and environmental friendly food packaging not only saves production time, but also greatly reduces production costs

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in today's information age, integrating mobile Internet into food packaging enterprise equipment is an inevitable successful attempt. Facing the broad future development prospects of the food packaging market, the food packaging equipment industry should actively carry out reform, seek the layout in the food packaging market, realize the dual development mode of enterprises and industries, and gradually realize modern and information-based management

analysis of the current market situation of China's paper packaging industry:

1. The concentration of China's paper packaging industry is low

due to the low entry threshold and numerous small and medium-sized manufacturers, the corrugated packaging industry in China has formed an extremely decentralized industry pattern. Eight listed companies, including Hexing packaging, Shanying paper, Beikong clean energy, Fenmei packaging, Wanshun Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lvxin, Zijiang enterprise and Lufeng environmental protection, have a total market share of only about 8%. Compared with the industry pattern in the United States, the top two packaging companies in the United States, international paper and westrock, accounted for 25% and 15% respectively in 2014, and the market share of the industry's top2 was as high as 40%

carton paper and corrugated base paper are the main raw materials for the production of corrugated board, accounting for about 34% of the main cost of carton enterprises and 70% of service work. The price elasticity of corrugated packaging enterprise EBITDA to corrugated base paper is about 0.9~1.1, and the fluctuation of raw material price has a great impact on enterprise profitability

at the upstream of corrugated packaging, most of the paper industry is currently facing overcapacity, but the industry concentration is high. Nine Dragons Paper and Liwen paper together account for more than 50% of the national market share. Compared with the corrugated box industry with low concentration, the paper industry has unquestionable bargaining power. When some regional paper mills reduce production or stop production, which leads to an upward trend in prices, other paper enterprises are easy to form a defensive alliance to push up the price of paper products, resulting in an increase in the cost of carton enterprises

the paper industry has a low entry threshold and belongs to heavy asset operation. The acquisition of paper enterprises will bring pressure on the profits of corrugated packaging enterprises. With the continuous shutdown of small and medium-sized paper enterprises, the bargaining power of leading paper enterprises will continue to improve. At the same time, the pressure and driving force of increasing environmental protection costs and high debt building paper mill prices will continue to increase. We believe that the corrugated box industry, as a midstream industry, lacks the corresponding bargaining power in the face of rising raw material prices

on the other hand, although there are many downstream industries of corrugated packaging, its main customers are leaders in various industries with high market share. Taking the household appliance industry as an example, Midea mainly includes S-type, spoke type, Gree and Haier, with a total market share of 26%. We believe that due to the low concentration of the industry itself, it is difficult for enterprises to transmit the cost of upstream price increases to downstream customers, and the profit space of the industry is compressed

2. There is limited room for the decline of paper price.

the capacity of carton board is abundant, and the annual output has reached 21.8 million tons. The industry is self-sufficient, and the import volume accounts for only 3%~4%. At the same time, due to the continuous expansion of production capacity, the price of carton board has shown a downward trend. Since 2015, the price of carton board has decreased by about 3%

with the increase of consumption, the capacity level under the current operating rate is not enough to meet the consumption. In addition, according to the goal and task of eliminating backward and excess capacity in the industrial industry, the corrugated paper and boxboard industry will continue to maintain the status quo of resource integration in 2015. In 2015, about 1.15 million tons and 2.6 million tons of corrugated paper and box board are planned to be put into production. Considering the possibility of delayed production of the project, the new production capacity in 2015 will decline on the basis of 2014, and the supply-demand relationship of corrugated paper and box board market is expected to be improved. Based on this, it is expected that the corrugated paper and box board market will stop falling and maintain stability in 2015

to sum up, although there is overcapacity in the upstream paper industry of corrugated packaging at present, with the gradual elimination of backward capacity and excess capacity from the market, the oversupply of corrugated paper and box board paper is expected to be alleviated, and the decline in paper prices in the future is unsustainable

3. The growth rate of China's paper packaging downstream industry slows down

corrugated box products are non-standard products, and with the increase of storage time and the increase of air humidity, the bonding strength and bursting strength of corrugated boxes will decline. Therefore, enterprises often adopt the production strategy of "production based on sales", and the downstream demand determines the production situation of enterprises

population aging is a new environment facing China's economic development. In 2014, China's elderly population over 65 years old has accounted for 10.1% of the total population. The unique consumption concept and consumption demand of the elderly make population aging bring new consumption demand - health demand. We believe that with the transition of China's population structure to aging, the demand for physiological and health aspects such as food and beverage, daily necessities, medical treatment and medicine will increase day by day

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