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Market analysis of bag making, filling and packaging machine

in order to meet the requirements of modern product diversification, at present, small bag packaging machine is constantly developing to adapt to multi variety, small batch general packaging machinery and equipment, so that the forms of packaging machinery are increasing. The bag making, filling and packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that can heat and soften the plastic composite film with thermoplastic characteristics into a packaging container, and automatically complete the whole process of bag making model, metering and filling, sealing and shearing on one equipment. For example, small bag packaging equipment such as ketchup, small bag milk powder, instant noodles seasoning, etc. Today, too many foods have changed from a large number of manual packaging to quantitative small packaging. This is because when calculating the cost of the whole system, the net profit of small packaging is higher than that of large packaging products, because waste and loss will be greatly reduced

according to the different packaging materials, the small bag packaging machine can be divided into powder and granule packaging equipment: such as the packaging of milk powder, coffee and other materials; Fluid or viscous body packaging equipment: such as the packaging of sauce, grease and other materials; Solid shaped packaging equipment: because the size or shape of solid shaped materials are quite different, different filling and metering methods need to be adopted according to different materials

main characteristics of foreign bag making, filling and packaging machines: in recent years, the development of foreign bag making, filling and packaging machines is characterized by multi standardization, characteristics and convenience of production. Computer technology is widely used in the automatic control of the production process, and is equipped with various parameter measurement devices, so that the packaging, measurement, bagging, sealing, cutting, printing, testing can be completed by one machine. In order to ensure the packaging quality and realize the requirements of high efficiency and low cost

1. Standardization and modularization of structural design. When using a packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the modular design of the original model can quickly change the specification or convert to other types of packaging in a short time, and provide enough space for different measurement systems. If the pillow packaging machine is slightly changed, the packaging of triangle bags can be realized

2. High speed packaging at present, the single row packaging speed of small bag packaging machines abroad is generally bag/minute. In recent years, many companies have launched multi row packaging machines (from 2 to 10 rows) to greatly improve the packaging speed. Ruyili ila-pak 300 and 400 series pillow packaging machines, measuring range g, packaging speed 120 Bags/min; Model yde-70 four side sealing and packaging machine of Yokohama Electric Manufacturing Institute, Japan, measurement range: 0 Ml, it can be listed, and the maximum speed is 800 bags/minute; The fc-1000 small bag pillow type packaging machine of Sanguang machinery of Japan can reach 12 rows at most, and the speed can reach 1000 bags/min

3. High accuracy of structural motion due to the adoption of various new technologies, such as servo motor, encoder, digital control (NC), power load control PLC and other high-precision mechanical control actions, the filling measurement accuracy and bag making accuracy of the whole machine have been improved

4. Intelligent and flexible control. Most foreign machines track and adjust various mechanical parameters through intelligent control instruments and menu software on the touch screen. The electronic display screen shows the bag cutting length, packaging speed, net content of fillers and packaging output, etc. at a glance. The standard color code tracking photoelectric system can absolutely ensure the correct printing pattern of packaged products. In addition, the machine can carry out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and Analysis on the working process. Once a problem occurs, it will stop automatically and display the cause of the fault and the solution

5. Diversified packaging forms foreign bag packaging currently includes three side sealed bags, four side sealed bags, pillow bags, as well as organ type, self-supporting bags, etc. Users can have more choices according to the needs of the market

status of domestic industry

after more than 20 years of development, China's bag making, filling and packaging machinery has been relatively mature. Due to the technical level of users and the limitations of various environmental factors, the demand for packaging machinery in China is like a "pyramid", and the demand for high-precision and sophisticated equipment is like a spire. The more sophisticated the equipment, the smaller the demand; The demand for medium and low-end equipment is like the bottom of the pyramid. Large volume, wide range, unlimited business opportunities. With the increasing market demand, especially since the 1990s, China's bag making, filling and packaging machines have developed rapidly. Through reference to foreign products, digestion, absorption and independent research and development, great progress has been made in terms of measurement scope, measurement accuracy, product function and automation. However, compared with the advanced technology in China, there is still a big gap. The main table makes it possible for latex and nitrile rubber (NBR) to be replaced by more efficient and low-cost substitutes. Now the product specifications are incomplete and the completeness is poor; The performance of single machine is not stable enough, and the application of advanced technology is less. The deep-seated reasons are:

1. Most of the dozens of domestic enterprises that produce bag making, filling and packaging machines are based on imitation PLA materials, which can be processed through traditional extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, 3D printing and other molding methods. The product technology content is low, the degree of product differentiation is low, and the mature product technology is easy to imitate and plagiarize, resulting in low-level duplication. Coupled with low-cost competition among the same industries, the profitability of the industry is reduced, The reduction of capital investment leads to low innovation ability and the illusion of inferior quality and low price of domestic equipment to users

2. Domestic enterprises that produce bag making, filling and packaging machines are mostly small enterprises, which basically produce without the scale investment of national assets such as manufacturing and quality assurance. Packaging machinery is a special technical product, and after-sales technical support and effective service are particularly important for the normal operation of the equipment. However, some enterprises have no technology reserves and technology updating ability at all, and just want to make this product when a product rises and make some profits before leaving; It is neither possible nor impossible to make appropriate resource investment for the technological upgrading in the field of packaging machines. It is for this reason that some enterprises have neither quality assurance nor standardized process requirements. They manufacture products and dump them at low prices, casting a shadow on the reputation of the entire industry and delaying the pace of packaging machinery to the high-tech field

3. Due to institutional reasons, the limited resources of the bag making, filling and packaging machine industry are scattered, and so far the industry system of scientific division and cooperation based on the market has not been formed, resulting in the scattered limited research and development capabilities of enterprises in order to "develop independently" in an attempt to win the "all-round competition" in this field. Losing it is an effective index to control the work of materials within the range of elastic deformation, which provides an opportunity to make a breakthrough in a certain field, resulting in a shortage of high-performance products and a surplus of low-level products, which are far from meeting the needs of market development. The long-term existence of this situation will lead to the general lack of investment in scientific research and development, the lack of technical personnel, the instability of the technical team, the low level of technology, and the lack of obvious professional expertise and technical advantages in the whole industry, making it difficult to compete with the international industry

some suggestions:

1. Vigorously develop transmission components and functional components: transmission components refer to cam transmission mechanisms, rolling and linear bearings, couplings, types of cutters, etc., which are indispensable components in mechanical transmission and an important part of packaging machinery. Functional components refer to control system, detection device, protection device, reduction and speed regulation motor, etc. With the improvement of the level of packaging machinery in China in recent years, the requirements for the technical content, stability and reliability of these functional transmission components have also been greatly improved. Functional components with high precision, high speed, large torque, small volume, low noise, high performance and high safety life will become urgently needed products in the market

2. Adapt to product changes and design equipment with good flexibility and flexibility. Select products with market advantages, focus on key technologies, key breakthroughs and key development, and the bag making, filling and packaging machine should have good flexibility and flexibility. To improve the degree of automation, we must adopt a large number of microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination forms, increase product varieties, and lay a good foundation for the development of complete sets. The improvement of technical content will further expand the market space of packaging machinery

3. On the premise of user needs, provide users with structural and economic complete system solutions

with the continuous development of packaging machinery, it is difficult for users to fully understand the structural characteristics, performance indicators and adaptation to the environment of products, which requires enterprises to do a good job in the technical advice and support of users, that is, they can answer users' questions accurately and in detail, provide fast and accurate after-sales service, and establish long-term partnership with users

4. Seek development through integration and create a new competitive situation

taking advantage of the policy advantages of state-owned enterprise restructuring, according to the asset relationship, several enterprises, research institutes and some parts of colleges and universities will be combined or formed into close groups to integrate limited human, financial, material and market resources. A complete machine manufacturing plant and a number of professional supporting plants with competitive and differentiated polyester fiber and other high-performance synthetic fiber power will be formed, with their own characteristics in the field of industry services and technology, and finally a limited, dynamic and distinctive complete machine plant and a number of efficient and flexible functional component production plants will be formed

the technical characteristics of packaging machinery will tend to be "high speed, high efficiency and high quality". The key development direction will tend to be energy saving and consumption reduction, stable and reliable performance, advanced control level, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, more emphasis on aesthetic design in appearance modeling, and more humanized control and operation. The ultimate goal is to improve product productivity and product diversification

with the development of computer technology, packaging machinery technology is also reflected in the management of equipment, which is to establish a powerful service system through computer network technology, including consultation, maintenance and service, product database and user files. Communicate with each other through the network, judge the equipment fault phenomenon and state detection parameters in time, analyze the cause of the fault, troubleshooting methods, specific disassembly and adjustment of jams, required accessories and cutting tools, etc., so as to truly achieve zero distance service for customers

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