Market analysis of the hottest offset printing ink

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Market analysis of offset printing ink industry

with the progress of the printing industry, printing technology and printing equipment continue to improve. Offset printing has been valued and developed by printing manufacturers at home and abroad with its unique advantages, such as fast and convenient plate making, low cost, high printing quality, high amount of administrative orders such as arrows, wide range of paper use, large shrinking printing quantity, and so on, As a result, it has occupied a leading position in the international printing industry, and offset printing inks have also developed rapidly. In order to meet the printing needs of various printing equipment, substrates, various packaging and decoration products, publishing and printing materials, the varieties of offset printing inks are increasing, the level of manufacturing technology is improving, and the output is expanding day by day. According to relevant data, offset printing ink accounts for about 40% of the total printing ink at present, and this proportion will not change much in a considerable period of time

according to statistics, at present, in the ink output of more developed countries, offset ink products are mainly led by offset bright and fast drying ink, non thermosetting offset rotary ink, rotary ink, etc., followed by UV drying ink, infrared drying ink, synthetic paper offset ink, iron printing ink, waterless ink and various special inks for offset printing

in order to meet the requirements of users for different grades of quality and price, different grades of inks are introduced according to the main requirements of printing in various inks, including color, concentration, dryness, water resistance, printing speed, the recovery of the international market, on-board stability and other main ink quality indicators, for users to fully choose. 5. When applying load

In addition, in order to protect the environment, foreign printing inks have also put forward new requirements in terms of low toxicity and pollution-free. Environmental protection and pollution-free have become an important standard for more and more users when purchasing inks, which has been widely concerned by users

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