Market analysis of the hottest inkjet CTP plate

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Market analysis of inkjet CTP plate

world public opinion evaluation: CTP is an inevitable technological revolution, and it will replace Phototypesetting Technology, just as the electric extension is replaced by Phototypesetter. CTP system and technology, as a development direction of China's printing and publishing industry, has been included in the key scientific and technological projects of the national "Ninth Five Year Plan". Under this general trend, Nanjing Jiangya printing plate Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed inkjet CTP plates with high-tech patented technology, which were successfully tried out in the industrial production of some large printing enterprises. It is agreed that the inkjet CTP system can meet the needs of most printing materials with reliable operation, stable plate making quality, simple process and low plate making cost. Now let's know the market situation of inkjet CTP plates and systems. Stand out in CTP technology

at present, CTP plate technology in the world is divided into thermal, silver salt photosensitive layer and photosensitive resin layer composite direct plate making, silver salt system direct plate making, laser photopolymerization direct plate making, inkjet direct plate making and other types

silver salt and silver salt composite plate CTP system is a variety widely used in foreign countries at present, with a large market coverage. However, the essence of this kind of CTP is to transfer the process and cost of silver salt film to the PS plate. The greater the axial tension is, the price cannot be reduced (2~3 times that of the commonly used PS plate), and the technical requirements and labor intensity of printing workers are improved

the CTP system of laser photopolymer plate has the disadvantages of low resolution, low sensitivity and poor development stability, which restricts the market expansion

the above two types of CTP plates and their systems are no longer the focus of major manufacturers' external display

thermal CTP plates have the characteristics of high resolution, good dot shape, wide range of material properties, high printing resistance and good stability. However, due to the high price of plates, the price of special equipment for plate making is also as high as several million yuan, which is unbearable for the vast majority of printing enterprises in China

there are great differences between domestic and foreign inkjet CTP plates

in foreign countries, special inks are sprayed on specially treated printing plates to form text images. Special inks are oily or adhesive type, so special equipment is also required. At the same time, inks and equipment produced by various manufacturers are not common, so they are greatly limited in application

the inkjet CTP plate developed by Nanjing Jiangya printing plate Technology Co., Ltd. will not harm the environment due to the patented pollution-free water-soluble ink coating technology. The CTP plate making process is simple and easy to learn, easy to popularize, and the price is close to the current price of PS plate (slightly higher), which can be accepted by the majority of domestic printing enterprises

inkjet CTP has obvious advantages

inkjet CTP plates and systems, as a member of the CTP family, as early as the 20th century, foreign companies have been carrying out relevant research and development work, but in view of the limitations of software and hardware at that time, they have not been fully developed

in the 21st century, with the progress of science and technology and the great improvement of software and hardware, the inkjet CTP technology has ushered in the spring again. According to the statistics of the 2005 Chicago printing exhibition by the printing manager magazine, the inkjet CTP has been fully displayed at this exhibition, and it has attracted a large number of printing professionals with its low price and simple operation

taking the inkjet CTP system and plates of Nanjing Jiangya printing plate Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, compared with the current laser Phototypesetting, its advantage metal tensile testing machine is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of fasteners such as bolts, screws, standard parts and studs, which are shown in the following aspects

(1) materials: the material and equipment costs of film, exposure, development, revision and other processes are omitted

(2) benefits: because the above processes and materials are omitted, the cost of plate making is greatly reduced and time and space are saved. Using inkjet CTP technology will reduce the cost of prepress plate making by 30% - 50%

(3) in terms of time: it reduces the processing time and shortens the plate making cycle, especially for the newspaper industry

(4) quality: because the film is omitted, the graphic information is transferred from the computer to the printing plate, and the accuracy of the layout and the quality of image transfer are improved

(5) in terms of the number of employees: a medium-sized printing plant can save many workers in making up (including folding calculation), proofreading, and storing search films (reprints)

(6) price: the input cost of the system is only 1/10 of that of the traditional laser Imagesetter, and the price of the plate is almost the same as that of the current PS version

(7) environmental protection: China's plastic machinery enterprises, which have fundamentally eliminated the discharge of silver containing wastewater in the Phototypesetting process, have expanded their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years, causing serious pollution problems. They are green and environmentally friendly products

(8) equipment: it saves the investment of darkroom, laser Imagesetter and other equipment, and saves the space and facilities for storing film (Reprint)

(9) technology: the technology is easy to learn and master

(10) comparison of plate making process flow:

inkjet CTP plate making process: plate assembly → plate printing → plate making. Traditional plate making process: plate assembly → Phototypesetter → film → development → fixing → plate making → plate revision → plate printing → plate making

to sum up, using inkjet CTP system and plate materials will realize prepress digitization, high-speed and automation of printing industry with very low investment, which is an advanced technological revolution in line with China's national conditions

inkjet CTP system has a wide range of applications

inkjet CTP plate making system with micro investment and high return, which integrates direct plate making, bright room film production, digital proofing and color inkjet painting. It is pollution-free and has strong functions. It is an ideal choice for newspaper printing, book printing, medium and low-grade four-color printing, silk printing and digital proofing

(1) system composition: PC + plate making software + inkjet plate making machine

(2) main functions of the system: direct plate making, digital proofing, bright room film production, color inkjet, silk plate, etc

(3) system features: greatly reduce the prepress plate making cost, reduce the punching time, shorten the plate making cycle, and greatly improve the production efficiency: large format output width of 1118mm or wider: open room operation, direct output of four-color film: green environmental protection, no pollution: rip and proofing plate making software have good compatibility and openness

(4) scope of application: printing of newspapers, books and periodicals, digital proofing, silk printing, commercial advertising printing, documents of Party and government organs, business short edition printing, ordinary 175lpi four-color overprint, etc

information source: business information of printing materials

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