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Advertising machine enterprise market competition strategy

first, recognize the current market situation

the development trend of outdoor media. As the third largest media after radio media and print media, outdoor media has achieved the maximization of the arrival of advertising information and the maximization of exposure frequency. Corresponding to this range of utilization to create multiple benefits, outdoor advertising in China has developed rapidly, with a growth rate much higher than that of radio and print media. With China's accession to the WTO, the concept of media integration is becoming more and more perfect and widely used. Outdoor media has also become a new favorite of China's advertising industry in the 21st century, which is the innovation of system and mechanism. Outdoor media has long release time and strong visual impact, and its release and production cost is far lower than that of the traditional four major media

9. The gap between the damping needle and the damping hole of the oil supply valve of the horizontal tension machine is too small. The distinctive advertising machine can attract more eyeballs for you, so that consumers pay more attention to enterprises and promotional information, so as to improve the flow of people. Improve the possibility of sales

Second, improve the technical content of products

advertising machine enterprises should increase the research on various foreign technical indicators, narrow the distance between us and international enterprises, pay attention to talents, and strengthen scientific research and product development

its hardness, zigzag strength, impact strength and tensile strength can reach the industry standard. Third, strengthen marketing channels and expand market share

after sales service of electronic products is particularly important. While paying attention to after-sales service, enterprises also continue to improve pre-sales In sale services (such as customized products for customers according to their needs, recommending the most appropriate style of business model for customers, providing installation services and program production services for customers of brand windows, etc.)

IV. formulating the "going out" strategy, exploring foreign markets

implementing the "going out" opening strategy is an inevitable requirement for actively participating in economic globalization and trying to take the initiative. Therefore, the foreign market is becoming larger and more important

v. improve product technology

as a high-tech product, first of all, the quality of the product itself is the most critical. At the same time, we should constantly innovate, launch new products and add new functions. Only by constantly improving the product power can we meet the needs of customers; Only in this way can there be a market

VI. strengthen technical force

strengthen technological development and promote technological innovation. Increase investment in product R & D funds and improve the ability of independent innovation

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